Kandi Burruss On Her Current Relationship With Phaedra Parks

Has Kandi Burruss had any contact with former friend Phaedra Parks since Season 9 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta? Is there any possibility that the two are now cordial with one another? During her appearance on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live on Sunday night, Kandi revealed where things currently stand with her and Phaedra.

During the after show portion of the talk show, a viewer called in and asked Kandi if she has spoken to Phaedra or whether Phaedra has reached out to her to apologize since what happened at the last reunion show. Kandi said that she hasn’t spoken to Phaedra. During her answer, Kandi’s body language also made it clear that she wasn’t surprised that Phaedra never contacted her afterwards to apologize for spreading the rumor that she once tried to drug rape Porsha Williams.

“Nope! Nope and nope.”

“There you go. Haven’t seen her since the reunion?” Andy asked.

Kandi confirmed that she hasn’t had any contact whatsoever with Phaedra.

“Haven’t seen her, haven’t talked to her, haven’t heard from her.”

On Season 9 The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Porsha Williams claimed that someone told her that Kandi Burruss and her husband, Todd Tucker, once tried to drug rape her. Kandi and Todd vehemently denied the accusation. On the reunion show, it was revealed that the person who told Porsha that claim was Kandi’s friend turned enemy Phaedra Parks. Phaedra initially tried to deny her involvement but then admitted it. Phaedra also admitted that she didn’t have any first hand knowledge of her claim but simply heard it from someone else. As Kandi angrily lashed out at Phaedra and cried about how hurtful such a claim was for her, Porsha cried over feeling as if Phaedra simply used her to get back at Kandi. Porsha defended herself by saying that she would have never repeated what Phaedra said to her if she knew that it was hearsay. Backstage, Porsha tearfully told Phaedra that she felt as if she was used as a pawn.

Shortly after the season ended, it was rumored that Phaedra was fired from the show. In an interview with E! News, Andy Cohen talked about Phaedra’s departure from the show, all but confirming that she was fired. Andy explained that after what happened at the reunion show, no one on the cast wanted anything to do with Phaedra.

“The question that we look at now with Phaedra is, when the reunion ended, none of the other women wanted to have anything to do with her. So that’s what you have to look at. How do you shoot a show about a group of friends when no one is speaking to one of the friends?”

While Kandi Burruss hasn’t had any contact with Phaedra Parks since last season, someone else on the cast has. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, during her own appearance on Watch What Happens Live last November, NeNe Leakes revealed that she spoke to Phaedra very briefly shortly after the reunion show about “personal things.”

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