Leah Messer Talks High Standards And Hints That Someone Is Trying To Change Her Mind

Leah Messer has been single for a few years, as she didn’t rush into a relationship after her divorce from Jeremy Calvert. The Teen Mom 2 star was rumored to be dating another man by the name of T.R. Dues, but he never confirmed that they were dating. As it turns out, Messer has been on a few dates since she divorced Jeremy Calvert a few years ago, and one of those dates was filmed for Teen Mom 2. However, Leah has changed since she first started filming the show, as she has gained confidence and pride thanks to her treatment after struggling with depression and anxiety.

When Leah and Jeremy filmed the Teen Mom 2 reunion special last year, Dr. Drew hinted that he could see them getting back together. When asked directly, Jeremy revealed the conversation got awkward. According to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer is now revealing that someone may be trying to confuse her with words. In the post, she reveals that people should always place emphasis on people’s actions, not their words. She also pointed out that people should listen to their hearts and not let other people’s confusions get in their way. It’s possible that she’s talking about her ex-husband.

“Actions speak volumes more than words. If you’re living with integrity and know your heart is in the right place, don’t let the confusion of others make you feel the need to explain yourself. Be you. There will always be those who just don’t get you. Those aren’t your people. There will be others who are jealous of you and want to bring you down. They are already below you. Work on being the best version of you. The right people will get you, the wrong ones won’t and that is 100% OK,” Leah Messer shared on Instagram while sharing a photo of a quote.

Leah Messer is clearly revealing that she’s not willing to settle. After Dr. Drew asked her about getting back together with Jeremy, Leah has revealed details about their relationship that speak against her giving him another chance. For example, she has revealed that he’s not willing to change his work or his position. She has previously called his work toxic. In addition, Messer has tweeted that Jeremy drinks quite a bit when he’s home. Lastly, fans have criticized him for choosing to hang out with his friends instead of his daughter Adalynn. It’s uncertain whether this is true, but perhaps Leah wants to see more action and less talking to see whether he is truly committed to changing his life around.

Leah Messer is currently filming Teen Mom 2. She has asked her fans whether they would want to see her date more on the show, as she finds it fun to go on dates with no strings attached.

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