Meghan Markle Wanted To Start A Lollipop And Candy Business Before Meeting Prince Harry

Meghan Markle once considered opening up a lollipop and candy business, a “sweet” business venture for a woman who is set to become English royalty.

Calling her a would-be “Willy Wonka,” TMZ released legal documents from 2012 that show that Meghan, at the time, was considering opening a business. According to the trademark documents, Meghan and a friend, whose name has not been released, attempted to trademark the name “Lali,” which would have been the name of their lollipop and candy business.

However, the deal never went through, and two years later, according to Newsweek, they abandoned their trademark application and haven’t filed any legal paperwork related to it since.

At the time, Meghan was, like so many young people, trying to figure out where she wanted to go in her life. Already an accomplished actress with a long list of credits under her belt, according to IMDB, she also had several side-hustles going on. She had a lifestyle blog, The Tig, a clothing line, and a spate of humanitarian work.

These days, she’s had to put most of that behind her in exchange for the dignified and insular life of a Royal. Her blog is no more; although it never revealed anything salacious or shocking about her (she loves hot sauce, dogs, and sustainability, and doesn’t like fictional romance novels).

She also wrote extensively about her battles with her self-image: her weight, her fashion sense, her public image. And again, while not particularly salacious or shocking, such an intimate and personal revelation will not do for a Royal.

One thing Meghan will be able to continue once she marries Harry, however, is her humanitarian work. For generations, most Royals have had projects that are near and dear to their hearts, and have used their money and visibility to bring attention to those causes. Prince Harry, for example, has promoted awareness of mental health issues through his program Heads Together. His mother, Princess Diana, worked with international agencies in clearing land mines in war-torn regions of Africa and Asia.

Once she ties the knot, not only will Meghan be able to continue her humanitarian work, she’ll almost be expected to. Fortunately, she intends to continue her charitable causes. Specifically, according to Harper’s Bazaar, she’s been known to focus on causes related to women and girls, and will almost certainly continue to focus on international women’s issues.

And if she decides to try to open up a lollipop shop once again, hopefully no one will try to stop her.

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