Amber Portwood Calls The Past Few Months An ‘Emotional Rollercoaster’ With Pregnancy, Split And Ending Meds

Amber Portwood had a busy year last year, as she launched her very own clothing boutique, broke up with Matt Baier after years of trying to make it work, found a new man after filming Marriage Bootcamp, and got pregnant with a second child. Amber is expected to give birth to her baby boy later this spring, as she learned she was pregnant back in September. Many fans of Teen Mom OG have criticized her for moving too fast and possibly getting pregnant on purpose for the sake of money, but Amber and Andrew Glennon had only been together for three months when they learned about the pregnancy. Needless to say, Amber may have been surprised as well and the pregnancy just caps off a successful year for her.

Throughout the entire years, Amber’s fans begged her to break up with Matt Baier. They didn’t think he was good for her and it didn’t help that he had hit on two other Teen Mom stars before reaching out to Portwood. In addition to the pregnancy, Amber recently revealed that she had dropped her bipolar medication as well, a disorder that had caused her frustration and pain over several years. According to a new tweet, Amber Portwood is now revealing that it wasn’t an easy period last year when she dropped the medication. As it turns out, she calls the entire experience an “emotional rollercoaster.”

“You said you are off your bipolar meds. I am bipolar too but couldn’t imagine being off my meds. How do you handle maintaining your moods and being positive?” one person asked Amber, to which Portwood replied, “It has been an emotional rollercoaster. I don’t know what I would do without my family and Andrew. They have been great support and very understanding.”

Surely, it doesn’t help that she also got pregnant around that time. Within a few months, Amber learned Matt was making sexual advances towards other women during a lie detector test, they broke up, he moved out, he took their money, she met Andrew, she got pregnant, and she decided to drop her medication. Needless to say, one can imagine Portwood shed a few tears along the way. It has been a rough few months, where Amber saw her entire life flipped upside down. She and Matt Baier had planned to get married, but she questioned whether she could trust Matt after he supposedly relapsed. Fans believe that she made the right decision in walking away from Matt and pursuing a life with someone else.

Amber Portwood is currently taking a break from social media to keep her stress levels low during her pregnancy.

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