‘Shameless’ Season 9 Spoilers: There’s ‘No Hope’ For Ian And Trevor

Shameless Season 9 spoilers are already rolling in. After Sunday night’s Season 8 finale, fans are a bit confused and have a ton of questions about what comes next for all of the Gallagher family members. However, the show’s executive producer, Nancy Pimental, is revealing what viewers can likely expect from Ian and Trevor when the show returns later this year.

According to a Jan. 28 report by TVLine, Shameless fans who have been rooting for Ian and Trevor’s relationship the past couple of seasons may be disappointed when Season 9 rolls around. Pimental was asked if Ian’s new “gay Jesus” act and recent delinquent behavior has turned Trevor off to forming a lasting relationship with him. Nancy confirms that she doesn’t think there’s any hope for the fan-favorite couple thanks to Ian’s new religious leader identity.

“I don’t think there’s hope for them. Ian’s behavior has definitely changed Trevor’s feelings. Seeing how Ian had this kind of God complex… His actions started off pretty altruistically, but then he kind of turned a little megalomaniacal. That has turned Trevor off, for sure,” Nancy said

As many Shameless fans know, Ian Gallagher started out Season 8 by hanging around a center for wayward youths that Trevor headed. Ian would offer medical attention to the young teens living at the center in hopes of running into Trevor and rekindling their relationship. Ian’s paramedic training and need to do good only developed over the course of the season, as did his feelings for Trevor. The two eventually wound up back in bed together, and things looked like they might actually be on the right path for the pair to form a lasting relationship.

However, Ian’s love for the kids at the center soon turned into something bigger than himself when he began to take on churches that were trying to rehabilitate gay youths. Shameless fans watched as Ian quickly turned into a God-like presence for the young homosexual and transgender community in the south side of Chicago. Ian’s followers grew in numbers and so did his ego. The Shameless Season 8 finale saw Ian get arrested for his acts, which left his future with Trevor up in the air.

In addition to Ian and Trevor’s romantic relationship likely coming to an end, Shameless fans are now wondering if Ian has gone off of his bipolar medication, which may have caused him to act recklessly during the time of the criminal events.

Things are not looking good for Ian and Trevor, and it seems that their romantic storyline may have ended the moment that Ian got arrested. Trevor has always been ready to help his struggling kids but has never wanted to go to criminal lengths to do so.

Shameless will return to Showtime for Season 9 in late 2018.

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