Michelle Duggar Sings Happy Birthday To Herself In Family Video Starring Jordyn And Henry

Duggar fans can now listen to Michelle belting out her family’s own special version of the “Happy Birthday” song. The Duggars do things differently by making sure to mention Jesus when they sing “Happy Birthday” to their family members, but the way Michelle celebrated her most recent birthday was even more unique. Instead of waiting for her husband, children, and grandchildren to sing to her, she serenaded herself with the song.

On Sunday, the Duggar family shared a throwback video on their Facebook page. It was filmed a few months ago during Michelle Duggar’s 51st birthday celebration, and it showcases the musical talents of 9-year-old Jordyn Duggar and her nephew, 11-month-old Henry Seewald. Henry is sitting on Jordyn’s lap, and she’s helping the tiny tot bang out his own original tune. Michelle Duggar filmed the video.

“We were looking back through photos and saw this precious video of Jordyn and Henry serenading Michelle on her birthday! We can hardly believe he is almost 1 year old!” read the description of the video.

Neither Jordyn nor Henry is adding vocal accompaniment to their impromptu performance, so Michelle decides to sing her family’s modified version of “Happy Birthday” to herself.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,” she sings. “And each day of the year, may you feel Jesus near.”

“Happy birthday, Grandma!” she tells herself at the end of the video. “I love you, Henry. Thank you for serenading Grandma.”


The Duggar family usually sings their Jesus-infused version of the “Happy Birthday” song in a large group. However, not everyone appears to be a fan of the tradition. Last month, the Duggars shared a Facebook video of Jordyn being serenaded with the song at her birthday party, and many fans felt that she looked uncomfortable during the experience. As reported by CafeMom, her behavior disturbed some Duggar critics so much that they accused Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of neglecting their daughter.

However, perhaps Jordyn simply isn’t a fan of the “Happy Birthday” tune. Her refusal to sing the song along with her mom in Michelle’s birthday video may be evidence that she doesn’t share her family members’ fondness for serenading each other. She looks perfectly content in the video, but she seems to prefer creating her own music on the piano to singing.

The Duggars don’t always sing the Christianized rendition of “Happy Birthday” to mark their friends’ and family members’ annual milestones. In 2016, the Duggar Family Blog shared a video of the Duggars singing the original version of the song to a Counting On crew member. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar also opted to sing the Jesus-free version in a video that they filmed for Jinger Duggar’s 24th birthday.

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