‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ Episode 2.11: ‘Spilt Milk’ Recap

In the present day, Johnny Morgan (a.k.a. Bloody Face Jr., a.k.a. Johnny Thredson) is getting high before a woman shows up at his home. He gives her a large wad of cash and asks her if she remembers what he wanted from her.

He asks if she produces milk when she hears her baby cry. She says when she hears her baby cry, she gets an uncontrollable feeling and ends up with a “soaking wet bra.” She takes off her bra and Morgan begins to breastfeed. Like father, like son.

Kit wakes up to Thredson telling him he should spend time with his baby. He says he holds a child’s need for love and protection sacred.

In the common room, Pepper is fighting off the other patients as Grace holds the baby. She asks Kit if they can name him Thomas after her grandfather. Pepper is suspicious of Thredson as he tells Grace there are ways to help with her milk production if she’s having trouble.

With the other patients cleared out, Kit holds his son for the first time. Grace says he looks just like his father. As he holds the boy, Kit starts to ask Grace what happened to her.

After she was shot, Grace says, she prayed for death. She saw a bright light. The baby is put inside her and grows quickly because “time works differrently up there.” She says the aliens are not like humans, but they’re not perfect either. Grace apologizes and confirms that Alma is dead. She says the two women’s only link was Kit. She says their baby is special and people will listen to him. Kit just wants to be a decent father.

“Alma would want that, he says. “She’d want me to do the right thing.” He asks Grace to marry him, and she says yes.

The Monsignor comes to Grace and Kit with the head of a home for lost children. Grace doesn’t want them to take the baby, but the child is ripped away from her.

Mother Claudia approaches Lana and tells her she’s come to take her out of the asylum. Jude asked her to help make things right for everything that was done to her. Claudia has her patient file and tells Lana she’ll need it for her exposé. Lana opens up a sack and takes the contents out. She goes to Jude, who is mindlessly rolling some dough, and tells her she’ll come back for her.

Thredson asks Kit for the tape of his confession and says if the tape comes out, Kit and Grace will never be with their son. Kit says Lana will never tell him where the tape is, and Thredson says to try and get it out of her.

Lana is walking out of the asylum just as Kit and Thredson are speaking, and the good doctor leaves the asylum just in time to see Lana leaving in a taxi with the tape. She flips him off as the cab drives away.

Thredson arrives home to find Lana sitting in a chair with a gun. She tells him the tape has been given to the police. He says he is relieved and that living with secrets is not healthy.

“I was right, Lana,” he says. “I knew you were the one.”

Lana says she is the one to put him in the electric chair for every sick thing he’s done. Thredson makes a drink as Lana keeps her gun pointed at him. He says there is no alcohol where he’s going.

Back in the present day, Morgan has finished breastfeeding. The woman says he’d be surprised how many men have mommy issues. Morgan says he’s fixated on that “cold b****” and that his mother never loved him or his father.

Lana wants to know what Thredson did to Wendy. She wants to give her a proper burial. Thredson flips a switch to light the fireplace, and asks if she wants to hear the details. He says Wendy’s body was the only one he left in intact and he put her on ice just for Lana. The first time he “approached” Wendy, he couldn’t perform, but he was finally able to. It was her that allowed the two of him to have their baby. He cut up her body after Lana escaped.

The woman tells Morgan he can cry out his frustration. She asks him to give her relief because she’s about to burst out of her skin. He chokes her as she pleads.

The cops are almost at Thredson’s place, and he tells Lana he won’t fry because he’s clearly insane. He goes to get a gun out of the drawer and, before he can reach it, Lana shoots him.

“Prison’s too good for you,” she says.

Lana is at mauseolum placing flowers on Wendy’s crypt. Her friend Lois asks if she is going to move back into her place, and she says she’ll move to New York. She says she feels it was her fault Wendy died. A photographer snaps a photo and Lana’s friends leave because no one knows that they, too, are lesbians.

As Lana descends the stairs, a group of photographers and journalists are taking pictures and asking questions. She tells them to read her book.

Jude doesn’t want a patient to take pills because they’ll turn his brain to mush. She slaps the tray out of the nuns’ hands.

The Monsignor is reading about Bloody Face and Briarcliff. He hopes the reporters will go away. He is alerted that there is a disturbance in the common room, and finds Jude dancing to a song on the jukebox.

Jude says it has a healing effect and Father Howard unplugs it. She asks him if he realizes that he lost his virtue to the devil. She asks if he is going to renounce his vows and he says he is going to “stay the course.” She admits she used to have impure thoughts about him and would have done anything for him. She says she is more sane as a mad woman than she was as the head of Briarcliff. She is taken to solitary and tells Father Howard God will never allow him to prevail.

Kit is asked to sign release papers. He’s told Lana gave the tape to police and killed Thredson. He is given clothes from the Salvation Army but says he needs to see the Monsignor.

Father Howard is pleased to have been a small part of Kit’s freedom. Kit wants Grace released and their son taken out of Saint Ursula’s so they can be a family. Timothy says he can’t release an ax murderess back into society. Kit says he only has to release her body since Grace is technically dead.

Kit, Grace, and Thomas are home. He tells Grace they can get a horse — he remembers that she loved them — and that she can take care of it. He tells her not to expect a castle and apologizes for the state its in. But there’s someone is in the house. It’s Alma, sitting on the bed, holding her own baby.

Lana meets with the doctor her friend suggested for an abortion. She’s nervous and asks if everything is sterile, but she can’t go through with it. “No more death,” she says.

Lana, now very pregnant, is showing the detectives the names of the people who have disappeared from or been killed at Briarcliff. One of the cops asks if it’s Bloody Face’s baby.

The authorities give the Monsignor a notice that allows them access to Jude. He says she’s dead, having hung herself in her cell. She was cremated, because the Monsignor couldn’t perform last rites.

Jude isn’t dead. She’s just locked in a cell.

Lana gives birth, and her baby won’t stop crying. She didn’t want to see him, but the nurse thought it would help calm down if he could breastfeed. As the nurse starts to leave, she has a change of heart and begrudgingly allows her son to feed.

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