WWE News: Ronda Rousey Compared To Mike Tyson & Goldberg By Former Superstar

Ahead of the first-ever women’s WWE Royal Rumble match, mixed martial arts star Ronda Rousey is a major topic of conversation. There are plenty of WWE fans rooting for Rousey to appear in the historic match and to become the winner of the first edition women’s match. However, recent reports have suggested the UFC star may not even be in the area or have signed an official contract with WWE yet. Even so, it has brought a lot of speculation and now comparisons to several major men’s superstars from one of the legends of the business.

A report on Saturday from TMZ featured former men’s world champion, Diamond Dallas Page. DDP spoke about the potential draw of a superstar of Ronda Rousey’s caliber and feels the MMA great is full of personality. In fact, DDP compared Rousey to men’s superstars Mike Tyson from boxing and Goldberg from professional wrestling. Tyson was never a member of the WWE roster but participated in a few segments and a match involving Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Shawn Michaels. Goldberg is, of course, an upcoming WWE Hall of Fame inductee, a former champion, and a man who had a longstanding undefeated streak in the ring.

DDP said Rousey compares favorably to both of these personalities and would be great for WWE.

“He had that incredible charisma and personality and that ‘it’ factor, and Rousey’s got that same thing.”

Page is a former WCW Champion who has some interesting thoughts regarding Ronda Rousey. He’s not far off either, just based on the speculation she’s been part of ahead of the event in Philadelphia.

Leading up to the big pay-per-view on Sunday, the former UFC women’s champion was among the favorites to win the Royal Rumble even if she wasn’t on the official participants’ list. Still, just her name being out there in the rumor mill had fans buzzing. That alone is enough to show how much of a draw she could be when she finally arrives at the WWE main stage.

Whether or not Rousey appears in Sunday night’s women’s Royal Rumble 2018 match is unknown as of this report. However, it seems a foregone conclusion that she will be joining WWE at some point in the future and when she does, she’ll definitely help further the women’s revolution with her star power.

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