Joy Villa Wears ‘Choose Life’ Purse, Pro-Life Dress But Scientology Critics Write Of ‘Forced Abortions’

Joy Villa made a fashion statement the exposed her beliefs on the red carpet of the 60th Annual Grammy Awards by wearing a dress and carrying a purse that contained pro-life sentiments. As reported by the Inquisitr, Joy also went viral in 2017, hitting the red carpet on Sunday, February 12, at the 59th annual Grammy Awards wearing a dress that carried a pro-Trump message.

Whereas Villa’s blue “Make America Great Again” dress that had “Trump” emblazoned on the train of the gown got its fair share of attention last year, this year Villa is going viral once more, in the wake of sexual assault accusations against Corey Lewandowski. Joy previously claimed she had contacted police about Lewandowski grabbing her at a party, as reported by Bloomberg. It’s not clear if that alleged event with the former campaign manager for President Donald Trump caused Villa to choose a non-Trump dress to wear this year.

As reported by the Associated Press, Villa is a singer who doesn’t shy away from controversial outfits, as a scroll through some of the photos of Joy’s former getups will reveal. Instead of another pro-President Donald Trump dress, Villa chose a white dress that showed the red figure of a baby in utero, surrounded by a rainbow of colors. Joy’s “Choose Life” purse contained a red heart with yellow rays of sunshine surrounding the heart. Villa finished off her controversial look with a large crown atop her head.

On Twitter, a search for “Joy Villa” results in plenty of opinions about Joy’s pro-life stance and Scientology connection, with some connecting the abortion issue to Scientology. As seen in the below tweets, Villa had Greg Mitchell as a political advisor. Mitchell was paid more than $1 million by the Church of Scientology group, according to Business Insider, to perform the bidding of the institution in lobbying Congress.

“I’m a pro-life woman. This year I chose to make a statement on the red carpet like I always do. I’m all about life.”

The pro-life dress that Villa wore, according to Mediaite, seems diametrically opposed to Joy identifying as a Scientologist. The Church of Scientology has disagreed with Leah Remini’s interviews with former Scientology members, who allege the church “forced” abortions, according to the New York Daily News. Scientology’s former 30-year Sea Organization member Claire Headley claimed the church forced or insisted that women terminate their pregnancies, even if they desired to have their children.

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