‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: ‘Big Brother After Dark’ Will Air On Pop Channel [Video]

CBS has confirmed that Big Brother After Dark will air on Pop TV starting on Wednesday, February 7. This follows the news that Celebrity Big Brother will have live feeds to make the CBBUS complete. Julie promises that the reality TV show will not lack any drama or action, even though the series will be over two months shorter than the summer installment.

According to Big Brother Network, the fans will get to watch the celebrities inside the Big Brother house on Pop TV every night like the summer season. This means the fans will get to watch live feeds and After Dark on the very first day.

For the past few season, Big Brother didn’t turn on the live feeds right away. Usually, they would make the BB fans wait a few days to turn on the live feeds. However, Celebrity Big Brother is a little different since it will only last 18 days.

It’ll be fun to watch the houseguests interact with each other early in the game, instead of after they have been in the house for seven to ten days. We will get to see those early alliances start to form.

As for the Celebrity Big Brother After Dark schedule, Chen reveals the BB fans can watch every night until 3 a.m. It’s possible as the season kicks off next week After Dark’s times could change. Julie didn’t say what time it starts yet, but we know that it will run to 3 a.m. The program will probably air from 12 a.m. to 3 a.m. every night. CBS will update the viewers on Celebrity Big Brother’s premiere on Wednesday, February 7.

There are rumors that during the Grammy Awards ceremony, CBS will reveal the CBBUS cast on social media. Big Brother has yet to confirm when the cast will be confirmed.

It’s great news for the Big Brother fans that BBAD will return for the first celebrity edition of the reality TV show. The viewers love to watch the drama after the sun goes down. And, if the show turns out to be as good as Julie Chen teased, watching After Dark and the live feeds will be a must to keep up with the show.

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Wednesday, February 7 on CBS.

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