January 28, 2018
Audrey Roloff 'Not Happy' With Jacob's Engagement, 'LPBW' Fans Accuse Reality Star Of 'Destroying The Moment'

Some fans of Little People, Big World are showing their displeasure for Audrey Roloff once more. This time, Audrey is being accused of trying to upstage Jacob and Izzy after the young couple announced their engagement.

Amy Roloff, mother of Jacob and star of the popular reality TV series on TLC, shared a photo of her son and his new fiancée Izzy on social media to celebrate their engagement, as reported by Pop Culture. Unfortunately, the adorable post earned a few accusatory comments against Audrey.

A certain batgirlalice started the controversy by accusing Audrey of trying to "destroy the moment" with her most recent post. Audrey shared dating advice on Instagram, which was reported on by another Inquisitr article. The said post was ill-timed, claimed the fan as it was done right after Jacob and Izzy revealed their engagement. She also said that the post, which talked about not rushing into a relationship, seemingly targeted Izzy.

"Would be great if Audrey would not destroy the moment with her dumb post on IG," said the fan. "The timing when she posted (right after they announced the engagement) and what she said there sounds like it's about Izzy."

The critical follower also questioned why Audrey has yet to "like" any post about Jacob and Izzy's engagement. A quick check on some of the engagement posts made by Jacob and Izzy shows that Audrey has actually clicked "like" and even commented on them. It is unclear, however, if Audrey did so before or after the follower accused her of not "liking" the posts.

The fan further accused Audrey of not being happy about the recent development.

"Hope they will be happy," said the follower about Jacob and Izzy. "Because someone [is] clearly not happy about this."

Another commenter agreed with batgirlalice saying she found the timing of Audrey's dating tip post as "awful." She also accused Audrey of "always trying to upstage others and sabotage people's happiness."

Audrey has apparently already blocked the two followers. One of them also said that Audrey has deleted all the comments that call her out for her badly timed post and for supposedly talking about Izzy in a negative manner.

"Some people pointed out in the comments that it was awful to post something like that right after Jacob's engagement and that it clearly looks like she talks about Izzy in that post," the fan explained to another asking about the controversial post. "She deletes all those comments and blocks people lol to make her post look innocent."

The disgruntled fan ended by calling Audrey a "very egoistic girl" and that her thoughts about the Little People Big World star "completely changed after that."

Jacob and Izzy recently revealed on Instagram that they got engaged during their vacation in Iceland. A few hours later, Audrey made the controversial post, which talked about how to go about dating "from a Christian perspective." Audrey said that women should not fall for the "love at first sight" trap, which she claims often leads to them falling "off the face of the earth."

Audrey has yet to deny that the post was about Izzy though most of the commenters on the post showed their appreciation for her words of wisdom.