Who’s Who In Meghan Markle’s Royal Entourage

Now that the new year has started, plans for the royal wedding and Ms. Markle’s life as a princess are on full throttle. Luckily, the former actress does not have to go through the journey alone. Prince Harry and his family have enlisted the help of trusted advisors to help Meghan Markle ease into her royal status.

Amy Pickerill – Private Secretary

Prince Harry personally appointed Amy Pickerill to be his future wife’s private secretary. Pickerill has worked with Prince Harry, Prince William, and Duchess Kate for the past year and a half as a communications officer. She was first seen by Ms. Markle’s side during her visit to Cardiff castle with Prince Harry.

As Meghan Markle’s private secretary, Pickerill will handle the new royal’s schedule, statements to the public—which could include her speeches—and anything else the former TV star might need.

Edward Lane Fox – Princess Tutor

Edward Lane Fox is Prince Harry’s private secretary. Fox is the man tasked with turning Ms. Markle into a princess, according to The Sun.

He will educate the future royal on British culture and traditions. Fox is apparently heralded as a PR guru as well. So, he might help Meghan Markle with her statements to the public.

Prince Harry’s bride-to-be is already familiar with Edward Lane Fox. According to Vanity Fair, Fox was very helpful to Meghan Markle when she was just dating the prince. He helped the former actress navigate through the royal family back then and will continue to do so long after Ms. Markle becomes a princess.

Heather Wong – Crowd Control

Heather Wong is responsible for crowd control during official royal visits and appointments. Wong’s official position in Ms. Markle’s entourage is unclear, but she has been spotted with the former actress and her royal fiance since their first official outing in Nottingham, reported Hello Magazine.

During their visit to Nottingham, Wong appeared to be doing the job of Meghan Markle’s private secretary. Now that Amy Pickerill is in the picture, however, Wong can concentrate on her primary role again.

Ever since her engagement announcement to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has been preparing to become a princess non-stop. Her invitation to the Queen’s annual Christmas party revealed that she was openly accepted by Prince Harry’s regal family. Despite having the royal family’s approval, however, Meghan Markle still has a lot to do before she can call herself a true princess.

Her wedding day is still a few months away, but the British royal family is not wasting any time in training the former Suits star for royal life. Prince Harry and his family have built a royal entourage for Meghan Markle that they believe will ease the transition into royalty.

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