‘Today’ Show Staffer Defends Matt Lauer And Blames The Culture Of #MeToo Movement On Former Anchor’s Firing

Compared to a year ago, it appears that Matt Lauer’s life is forever changed. There is now progress in his “imminent” divorce from Annette Roque, with movers taking things out of his $36 million Hamptons estate on Thursday.

And then there is the issue of the reasons behind the loss of his coveted $25 million a year job as anchor at Today. Lauer was accused of sexual misconduct in the workplace and that could destroy any potential career comeback, even in the United States where people have long loved a redemption story.

Lauer is reportedly “angry” that he has become the “fall guy,” as it is reported that he says that he is not the only one in the television industry “doing things.”

Although the Inquisitr has reported that there have been rumors that the Today show set is now “energized” since Matt Lauer’s departure, not everyone believes that NBC acted appropriately in firing Lauer without a full internal investigation.

Defending Lauer is an unnamed Today staffer who spoke to Page Six. This Today staffer, who states that they are an “acquaintance of Lauer’s,” wishes to stay anonymous for fear of being fired by NBC. They blame the #MeToo movement for the swiftness of Lauer’s downfall.

“What happened with Matt’s immediate firing was an unprecedented set of circumstance.”

This insider believes that NBC News acted too swiftly in firing Lauer and the broadcaster should have investigated the claims further. They cited the firing of Brian William as an example.

“Remember, NBC News spent over a month investigating Brian Williams’ ‘untruths,’ so why, with Lauer, did they have no other choice but to fire him immediately, with no hearing or investigation?”

According to a different NBC insider, Matt had issued a statement about his “sorrow and regret” about what happened. Yet in his statement, he also tried to explain that not everything said in the accusations were true.

“Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed.”

This particular NBC insider states that the woman who had passed out and accused Lauer of having sex with her, unconscious, is inaccurate. Yet, Lauer did not call this out as he did not want to “walk through all of the allegations.”

“He just felt there was no point in saying anything, apart from what he said in his statement.”

The current, anonymous Today staffer felt that “NBC News didn’t investigate at all,” despite Lauer working at NBC for 25 years. The unnamed Today insider states that instead, they “screamed ‘Off with his head!'” without getting all of the details.

This same insider insists that the three NBC junior staffers that Lauer had affairs with “were all much more than a quick f***.” Yet, the staffer did not elaborate further on this particular statement, or more details on the relationships Lauer had with the alleged three NBC staffers, whom he had longtime affairs with at work.

What they did say is that the disgraced former Today anchor was “still feeling a lot of shame,” and that Lauer was “especially sad” that NBC Chairman Andrew Lack had not spoken to him since going to Lauer’s Manhattan apartment to fire him.

According to the Inquisitr, Lauer is still in touch with several of his former colleagues, including both his former co-anchor Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, who replaced him. He even texted Kotb on the day she was announced his official replacement, and she seemed quite pleased with his “nice words.”

Yet, despite his continued relationship with his former colleagues, one friend told Page Six that not all is great for Lauer, whose six words about life seem to indicated that the former Today host is quite depressed about everything.

“The world is a dark place.”

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