Kylie Jenner Insecure During Pregnancy Amid Weight Gain, Glad To Birth Baby In Few Weeks [Rumor]

Kylie Jenner is ecstatic to know that her pregnancy will soon be over, it’s been alleged.

Sources told Hollywood Life that the 20-year-old has had an absolutely miserable time being pregnant with her first child, having become incredibly insecure about the way that she looks.

One of the main reasons why Kylie Jenner is said to have refrained from public outings since September is simply because she doesn’t feel confident with a baby bump; she’s completely lost her confidence through this experience.

An insider added by saying that Kylie is looking forward to the day that she births her baby because she will work her hardest to get herself back in shape before the summer.

She’s hated the fact that she couldn’t be as social with friends and even with her fans, but her insecurities had really taken over; she can’t even take a selfie anymore without finding the photos horrifying, the outlet added.

And, of course, if that wasn’t bad enough, sources have claimed that her relationship with Travis Scott has been crumbling in recent months due to the rapper spending the majority of his time on tour.

It’s been alleged that Kylie Jenner’s ex-boyfriend, Tyga, has re-entered her life and shown her nothing but moral support throughout her time as an expectant mother, which has led several outlets to believe there could potentially be a reconciliation between the two.

The 20-year-old is just weeks away from giving birth, and from what’s been gathered, she’s expected to keep a very low profile following her baby’s arrival, having opted to remain out of the limelight even after she has left the hospital.

It’s already been said that Kylie Jenner won’t feature her pregnancy journey on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, unlike sisters Kim and Kourtney, having explained to her mother, Kris Jenner, that she wants to distance herself from social media now that she’s set to become a mother.

Kylie Jenner reportedly plans to have Travis move into her Hidden Hills mansion in the next couple of weeks, hoping that the duo will continue with their plans to raise their baby together under one roof.

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