Kendall Jenner Hates Kylie Being Pregnant, Sisters No Longer Having Fun Ahead Of Baby Birth [Rumor]

Kendall Jenner is missing hanging out with her sister, Kylie, who is just weeks away from giving birth to her first child, it has been alleged.

The supermodel, who has been traveling the world for work-related projects in recent weeks, allegedly doesn’t feel that close with the 20-year-old anymore, telling friends and family that they no longer share fun times together.

Of course, now that Kylie is pregnant, she’s completely readjusted her lifestyle, having opted out from appearing on reality TV for the time being and allegedly secluding herself to her Hidden Hills mansion.

It’s even hard for family members to see the pregnant star because she’s become very much reclusive since finding out that she was expecting a baby.

It’s really dwelling on Kendall Jenner, Hollywood Life reveals. The 22-year-old knows that once the baby arrives, she and her sister will have completely different lives on their hands.

One whose changing diapers and the other whose career continues to skyrocket in the world of fashion.

And given that Kendall Jenner’s time is very limited when she’s at home in Los Angeles, she feels that when she does have a few days off to spend time with her family, Kylie will most likely be occupied caring for her daughter.

It goes without saying that Kendall is happy for the socialite; seeing her sisters expand the family by having their own children makes her happy and excited, but with Kylie, it’s somewhat different since they grew up together in the same age range.

One of the things that have bothered Kendall Jenner the most about her sister being pregnant is the fact that the lip kit fanatic is constantly in hiding and rarely leaves her home.

This evidently means that whenever family visits Kylie, they shouldn’t expect to be leaving her home upon arrival because staying in the Hidden Hills mansion where the 20-year-old resides is the only place the expectant mother of one feels comfortable and secure.

Kendall’s sibling is expected to give birth next month while her older sister, Khloe, will welcome her baby into the world by March.

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