Duggar Family Slammed For ‘Risky Parenting’ After Posting A Photo Of Grandchildren On Social Media

The Duggar family is used to criticism, especially when it comes to how they raise their children. The family has been criticized ever since they first appeared on television in 2004, with fans and critics voicing that they believe they have too many children, that Michelle Duggar doesn’t take care of her children properly, and that their homeschooling curriculum isn’t up to par.

Now, however, the Duggar family is being criticized for the way they allowed two of the Duggar grandchildren to sleep. The family posted to their official Facebook page a photo of Jill Duggar Dillard’s son, Sam, and Josh Duggar’s son, Mason, sleeping on what appears to be an ottoman.

Although the photo appeared to be innocent enough, many fans criticized the family for allowing them to sleep on a piece of furniture that they could easily fall from.

Many critics of the Duggar family stated that babies could roll over incredibly easily, which could mean severe injury or even death if left unattended. As both boys are at the age where they can roll over, the voice of the crowd wasn’t exactly untrue. Others, however, stuck up for the Duggar family, saying that since someone was “clearly 12 inches from their faces with a camera,” they would be able to catch the children in case they fell.


Although the Duggar family has many critics who believe that most of what they do is incorrect, they also have fans who will stick up for anything they do and are willing to go to bat for the mega-clan. Many of them defended the Duggars in the comments saying that they were clearly all great parents and there is no way that they would put the children in harm’s way.

It is not immediately clear which Duggar family member is responsible for the photo, as Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar and all of their unmarried children (except John David) are currently abroad in Australia and New Zealand to speak for Institute of Basic Life Principles conferences.

It is likely that either Anna Duggar or Jill Duggar Dillard is responsible for the “dangerous” photo, but nothing thus far is confirmed.

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