Rihanna Pregnancy Rumors Soar After Grammys: Twitter & Instagram Debate If She’s ‘Thick’ Or Has Baby Bump

The Grammy Awards 2018 was filled with memorable music moments, but when it came to sparking reactions from Twitter and Instagram, Rihanna was one of the biggest winners. From fans wondering if she was pregnant or just looked “thick” in her chic style to creative memes about her “wild” dance moves, Rihanna got people talking. The feedback from Rihanna’s fans on Twitter in particular soared after their heroine performed her song, “Wild Thoughts,” during the Sunday Grammys event, reported People.

2018 Grammy Award Audience Fascinated By Rihanna’s Facial Expressions

Even though DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller performed as well, Rihanna stole the spotlight with her combination of dance moves, flowing long hair, and fashion choice. Although the songstress’ shimmy success captured Twitter’s attention, the magazine pointed out that the singer’s expressive face also contributed to the flood of creative memes.

“What really caught viewers’ attention were Rihanna’s facial expressions combined with her grooving.”

While some fans thought that Rihanna seemed to be dancing more carefully than usual, resulting in speculation that her “delicate” moves were to protect her baby bump, others were focused on the songstress’ face. Several Twitter users crafted memes that suggested Rihanna’s face resulted from feeling hungry or thinking about food during her performance.

Beyond fascinating fans with her performance, Rihanna took the spotlight again when she received a Grammy Award for Best Rap/Sung Performance with Kendrick Lamar. Lamar graciously handed over the opportunity to respond, declaring that the honor belonged to Rihanna. She expressed her thanks.

Rihanna performed at the 2018 Grammy Awards, sparking social media speculation that she is pregnant.

Rihanna Missing From Close-Ups And Red Carpet, Sparking Baby Bump Rumors

Some fans were so occupied in debating whether Rihanna is hiding a baby bump that they seemed to overlook her award, however. And although the songstress’ dance moves won applause during the Grammy Awards, those fans were more interested in turning to Twitter and arguing that Rihanna looks pregnant, reported Hollywood Life.

When the 29-year-old performed at the 2018 Grammy Awards, some fans noticed that Rihanna seemed to be missing from the camera’s close-ups. Combined with speculation that she was substituting wild facial expressions for wild dancing, those fans suspect a baby bump as the reason. Twitter quickly lit up with fans’ thoughts on Rihanna’s rumored pregnancy.

“Am I the only one the feels like Rihanna is pregnant? No close-ups, angles on the camera, something is up.”

Rihanna also didn’t appear on the red carpet. However, the singer did turn to Instagram to post a photo. With rumors soaring that she is pregnant and her beau Hassan Jameel is the baby daddy, Instagram fans also had plenty to say about her appearance. Rihanna opted for a white mini dress and noticeably over-sized white coat, which some thought might be hiding a baby bump.

Rihanna’s Instagram & Twitter Fans Debate Pregnancy Rumors

Compliments about Rihanna’s performance were mixed with feedback about her figure. One bluntly called the songstress “fat,” while another questioned her “blanket coat.” Rihanna’s Instagram and Twitter quickly turned into a repeat of previous pregnancy rumors, pointed out Hollywood Life.

Every time that Rihanna gains a few pounds, those baby bump rumors return. But there was something about Rihanna’s appearance at the Grammy Awards in particular that caused the scrutiny over the songstress’ figure to soar. One fan on Instagram summed up the debate over whether Rihanna is pregnant or just more curvy than usual.

“Y’all keep saying ‘thick Rihanna,’ but she looks more like ‘pregnant Rihanna’ to me.”

Last year, attempts to fat-shame Rihanna failed, while the pregnancy rumors were proved wrong. Many on Twitter during that 2017 debate declared that “thick Rihanna is the best Rihanna,” as the Inquisitr reported. Some think that the 2018 Grammy Awards may result in a repeat of that situation.

In addition to stealing the spotlight from her own musical talents with her dance moves, Rihanna took center stage when she performed at the 2018 Grammys with DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller, pointed out MTV News.

Although DJ earned cheers for his opening remark that “they” claimed he would “never perform at the Grammys,” Rihanna got the crowd screaming (and Twitter talking) when she stepped on stage. MTV News credited her with delivering the “best” part of the song.

“I know you wanna see me nakey nakey naked,” crooned Rihanna.

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