Tyler Baltierra Accused Of Cheating On Catelynn, Takes To Twitter To Refute Rumors

Tyler Baltierra, husband of Teen Mom OG cast member Catelynn Lowell Baltierra, has taken to Twitter to address an old rumor that he has been cheating on his wife.

A blind item was revealed in February of 2017 from the website “Crazy Days and Nights,” stating that Tyler had been cheating on Catelynn and the MTV crew turned a blind eye to it because it didn’t fit the story line for them.

The MTV star blamed Simon Saran and Farrah Abraham for the rumor, saying the pair made it up to “troll.” Simon then “took the bait” on Twitter, and said he would “rip Tyler a new one.” He proceeded to berate his fellow MTV star for allowing Catelynn to chain smoke while pregnant, which Tyler said was pretty pathetic.

Some fans accused Tyler of “losing his mind” over the old blind item, saying that he now looks incredibly guilty because of how much he is protesting. In a tweet, he assured his fans that not only is he not losing his mind, but he is also laughing at the rumors with his friends.

He also asked ENT Lawyer, the handle of the person behind the website, to come forward with evidence if he actually has any.


A few fans told Tyler Baltierra that ENT Lawyer has never been sued, which is why he or she only posts stories that are accurate or “have legs.” Tyler then told his fans that if the story had legs, he would “break its ankles.”

Although fans accused him of panicking, the reality TV star stated that a guilty or panicked person would “let it slide” and hope that no one notices what’s going on. Instead, Tyler insisted he had nothing to hide, so he didn’t care if attention was brought to the issue.

Catelynn and Tyler are the only couple on the Teen Mom franchise to stay together from teen pregnancy to now. Mackenzie McKee, who starred on the short-lived Teen Mom 3 series is also still with her high school sweetheart, though she is not in the spotlight as often as Catelynn and Tyler

Catelynn has recently checked into rehab for the third time in less than a year.

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