Mark Wahlberg Delivers Traffic And Weather Reports For Philadelphia TV Station

Mark Wahlberg today showed just how versatile he is as an actor by delivering a weather report for a Philadelphia news station whilst promoting his new movie, Broken City.

Alongside the thriller’s director, Allen Hughes, Wahlberg was appearing on WTXF’s Good Day Philadelphia, and the duo then decided to ad-lib most of the segment whilst also revealing tricks of the trade to the watching public.

“This is perfect golf weather,” added the Tedactor whilst discussing the 54 degree heat in Philly, before then going on to note where to expect traffic congestion in the City when drivers take their morning commutes.

“Look at this congestion here,” added Wahlberg. “We’re expecting 40 – 45 minutes delays if you’re coming east bound on the 676 here. You’re going to have some serious problems. Why don’t you stop and get yourself a hoagie.”

“Ok, let me get this seven-day forecast here. Tomorrow expected about 48 high and 37 degrees low,” added the actor.

Discussing how to deliver the report, the pair revealed that weathermen know where to point on the green screen because there are monitors on the side which help to direct their movements.

Originally, Hughes was expected to give the forecast, however he was soon upstaged by his leading man. This follows Scarlett Johansson’s attempt on the Today show in November to replace Al Roker as the morning programme’s weather girl.

Broken City is released on January 18, and the likes of Russell Crowe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Jeffrey Wright star alongside Mark Wahlberg.

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