‘RHONJ’ Teresa Giudice Begging Friend Donald Trump To Stop Joe Deportation Back To Italy

While RHONJ cast member Teresa Giudice is waiting for her husband Joe Giudice to serve out the rest of his time in a Pennsylvania federal prison, she is working her contacts to try and stop the United States government from deporting husband Joe Giudice back to his native Italy. RHONJ Teresa Giudice is said to be reaching out to Donald Trump whom she got to know through her time on Celebrity Apprentice. Teresa Giudice is hoping that there is something Donald Trump can do to keep Joe Giudice in the United States, even if he can never become a citizen.

The Department Of Homeland Security Of The Trump Administration Is Planning To Deport Joe

And Real Housewives Teresa Giudice’s fear is real because reps for the Department of Homeland Security say they have Joe or Giuseppe Giudice flagged for deportation after he serves his sentence.

“We have every intent to deport him.”

And now that Teresa Giudice is out of prison herself she has started working the angles (including calling Trump) and calling in favors to keep husband Joe Giudice in the country after release.

“Teresa has been scrambling to try to get the deportation waived, and it’s not happening yet.”

Immigration lawyers say that based on his criminal past, Joe Giudice doesn’t have much of a case for staying in the United States.

Teresa Giudice Is Hoping Her ‘Close Personal Relationship’ With Donald Trump Will Save Joe

But RHONJ Teresa Giudice hasn’t given up trying to keep Joe Giudice from being sent back to Italy. While behind bars, Joe Giudice can only do so much work on his own case, so the bulk of the work is in Teresa’s lap. But Teresa Giudice does have friends in high places, especially Donald Trump, and is willing to call in a favor says a Giudice insider.

“Teresa has reached out to Donald Trump to stop Joe from getting deported after he’s released from prison. She is hopeful Donald will intervene and help.”

The friend claims that Teresa Giudice and Donald Trump have a close relationship.

“Teresa got to know Trump when he was her boss on the hit NBC show The Celebrity Apprentice. She voted for Trump and she really needs his help.”

And it’s possible that Donald Trump is the only person who might be able to pull some strings to keep Joe Giudice in the country.

Teresa Giudice Has Contacted Donald Trump, But She’s Not Afraid To Go To Italy With Joe

Publicly, RHONJ Teresa Giudice is saying that she is open to whatever a higher power has in mind for the Giudice family, says People Magazine, and if that means that Joe Giudice returns to Italy, so be it. Bravo’s Andy Cohen asked Teresa Giudice if she would move to Italy with Joe if and when he gets deported back to his country of birth.

“I mean, Italy’s a beautiful place to live,” Teresa says. “I wouldn’t mind, you know, I’m just saying. Listen, whatever God has planned for me, that’s what’s going to happen. I will embrace it the best I can.”

Teresa Giudice is refuting claims that her marriage is troubled, and that if Joe Giudice is sent back to Italy, she won’t go with him. The rumors are so prevalent that the Giudice family lawyer, James J. Leonard Jr. has spoken out to refute any claims in the media that Teresa and Joe aren’t in a solid marriage.

“It’s extremely sad that there are actually people out there and semi-reputable media outlets who seem to take pleasure in perpetuating horrible rumors and fake news stories about this family. Haven’t they been through enough? Haven’t the children suffered enough? People need to let this family live their lives. Enough is enough. No one is cheating, no one is getting divorced. The truth is they can’t wait to be together again.”

Joe Giudice will spend at least another 18 months in prison.

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