Jeremy Vuolo Talks About Discipling Jinger Duggar And Kids During Interview, Reveals Bedtime Ritual

Jeremy Vuolo recently revealed something very important that he and Jinger Duggar do every night when they hop into bed. The Texas pastor also gave fans some insight into how he and Jinger worship together.

On Friday, Jeremy Vuolo shared a link to a joint interview he and another pastor took part in during the G3 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. While speaking to the host of the Calvinist Batman & Friends podcast, Jeremy mentioned that he and Jinger Duggar are expecting their first child this summer.

“Well, I have a family on the way here,” he said. “My wife is pregnant and due in July with our first.”

After being congratulated on the baby news, Jeremy Vuolo was asked to share some ways Christian men can disciple their families. According to the father-to-be, he believes that doing a lot of worshiping with Jinger Duggar will result in their child developing a close relationship with Christ.

“I think it begins with establishing that relationship with your wife,” said the Counting On star.

This answer prompted a question about ways that men can disciple their wives. Jeremy responded by stressing that communication is key when it comes to helping a wife live a more godly life, but it’s also important to lead by example.

“I think just walking through the word together. If you’re abiding in Christ and walking with Christ daily, it can look like sharing that and opening the lines of communication about your own walk with Christ,” he said. “Where are you wrestling right now? How’s scripture helping you? Just opening that communication and fellowshipping with your spouse, and that’s going to translate to your children.”

Vuolo talked about how it’s important for husbands and fathers to discipline themselves to “walk with Christ” during their devotional time. He also encouraged men to pray for wisdom and to share the insight that God gives them with their families.

The pastor believes that helping a wife improve her relationship with the Lord can also be as simple as reading scripture with her. Jeremy revealed that this is something Jinger Duggar enjoys doing with him.

“My wife will share with me sometimes, after we read, ‘Thanks for reading with me,'” he said.

Jeremy Vuolo also shared some of the best advice he’s received for discipling a spouse. He’s discovered just how effective it is by testing it out on Jinger.

“Every night, a brother told me, when they lay down to go to sleep, he’ll ask his wife, ‘Is there anything on your heart? Is there anything you want to talk about?’ And for us, that’s opened up a lot where I’ve been able to hear her heart — my wife — where she wouldn’t have necessarily brought something up or felt the need. But she’s like, ‘Well yeah, actually, There is,’ and that opens up and facilitates conversation.”

The Duggar husband said that he didn’t have much advice for discipling children because he doesn’t yet have any of his own. However, in 2016, he delivered a sermon titled “Raising Children God’s Way.” During that sermon, Vuolo advocated for “biblically mandated discipline,” which he said has “absolutely no physical consequence to the child” — as long as parents don’t take things too far by whipping their children until they have lash marks on their legs.

“It’s to drive the foolishness from them, and it’s called abuse in our day,” he said.

During that same sermon, the Counting On star criticized web series stars Anil and Vaishali Keswani of having “no discipline over” their young daughter Devina, who is transgender. He also accused them of not instructing her on what’s “right and wrong.” However, neither Jeremy Vuolo nor Jinger Duggar has spoken out against the parents of transgender TLC star Jazz Jennings.

Jeremy complained to his congregation that parents today are allowing their children to be too independent, but he recently confessed that he was a “little terror” as a kid. He told TLC that this is why he hopes that his first child will be exactly like Jinger Duggar.

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