‘Fast And Furious’ Outlandish Damage Costs Are In The Hundreds Of Millions

The Fast and the Furious franchise has gained enormous viewership over the years, with the latest installment grossing over a billion dollars at the box office. First released in 2001, it has evolved through creative storylines, a theme that revolves around fast cars, and action-packed scenes. The addition of new actors has also provided multi-dimensional elements to a hungry audience that seeks a newer, more dynamic experience after each production release.

Of course, this has inadvertently pushed each subsequent creation into edgier sequences, which means bigger crashes, crazier toys, and more cinematic explosions. This, according to Vin Diesel, has allowed the series to progress by increasing “the emotional stakes.” This was during an interview with Biography.

Speaking about car stunts and explosions, The Fast and the Furious sequel has apparently racked up a damage tab running into hundreds of millions of dollars. This is according to a Business Insider report, citing an analysis carried out by Insure The Gap. It put total damage costs for Fast And Furious at $514 million. Going by the company’s breakdown of the destruction done according to characters, Jason Statham, who plays Deckard Shaw, is responsible for damages adding up to about $182 million.

The hero of the sequel, Vin Diesel, has costs running up to about $69 million. The report mainly looks at the destruction caused to vehicles and buildings, with the severity rating ranging from cosmetic to “special vehicle damage.” The special vehicle category comprises trains, race cars, helicopters, buses, military vehicles, and more, so long as they are not regular cars. According to the site, damage costs have been going up with each installment.

So How Much Did Cast Members Rake In

Of course, The Fast and the Furious franchise boasts some major and wildly popular talent such as Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and Dwayne Johnson. And the crew’s earnings have apparently increased with each movie release, with lead actors Vin Diesel and Dwayne being among the highest paid of the lot.

They both earned upwards of $20 million for starring in the latest installment, according to industry estimates. And according to The Richest, Tyrese Gibson, who plays Roman Pearce, earned between $3 and $5 million, while Paul Walker got approximately $15 million for his role in the sixth release. The next Fast And Furious film is set to hit theaters in 2020.

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