‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Stars Left Scared, ‘Begging For Help’ After Two Men Break Into House During Live Show

Friday night, two men made it past security and broke into the Celebrity Big Brother compound during a live eviction show. The security breach thoroughly scared houseguests who were left confused and crying out for help.

YouTubers Ally Law and Ryan Taylor managed to climb the backyard fence and get into the garden during the CBB UK live show as one castmate was being evicted from the house, according to the Daily Mail. The residence, used for the regular Big Brother summer series as well, is located in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, at the Elstree Studios complex.

Houseguest Ashley James screamed out in fear, saying, “Oh my God, someone is trying to get in!” the Daily Mail notes. Another cast member, Jess Impiazzi, yelled, “Oh my God, help me, I’m scared!”

Famed dancer Wayne Sleep begged Big Brother production for help, saying that people had gotten inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, the Daily Mail reports.

Ally and Ryan reportedly had action cameras attached to their heads and were filming the celebrities from the garden through the large glass windows that face the CBB UK backyard, according to the Mirror.

The YouTubers accomplished this incredible feat just last week as celebrities inside the CBB UK house prepared for a live eviction, according to the Huff Post UK.

Ally and Ryan wanted to get into the Celebrity Big Brother house to “sneak a look at the Z-listers” temporary living in it, reports the Lad Bible. Last week, when they got through security and were inside the home, they were able to film the celebrity houseguests through some type of glass without being noticed.

On Friday night, during their second breach, Ally and Ryan did not actually enter the CBB UK residence. Nevertheless, because houseguests were seen shaken and confused on live television, Celebrity Big Brother host Emma Willis was forced to address the issue.

After a commercial break, she assured the audience and viewers that everyone was “fine” and that the two intruders did not “get into the house,” the Mirror reports.

After last week’s security breach was made public, a spokesperson for CBB UK spoke out, insisting that “appropriate security measures” were “in place” to ensure that each and every castmate, staff member, and audience member was safe, according to the Huff Post UK.

Obviously, the appropriate measures in place weren’t stringent enough to keep Ally and Ryan out a second time. In fact, Ryan boasted about Friday’s venture by stating, “You didn’t think we’d do it again?” according to the Mirror.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5 in the U.K.

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