‘Gilmore Girls’ Star Scott Patterson Reveals Which Series Revival Plotline Upset Him The Most

Scott Patterson, one of the major stars in the hit WB series Gilmore Girls, revealed the storyline which bothered him the most in the revival released last year, titled A Year in the Life. The 59-year-old recently gave a candid interview in which he admitted that a certain plot point simply did not register with him too well.

As revealed by Us Weekly, Patterson told reporters that he felt the idea of Lorelai and Luke having a baby through surrogacy was not the way in which the couple should have conceived, admitting that it was an “awkward” situation for both his character as well as in real life. The actor goes on to say that the storyline was “too far field” for his liking, but he did his best to follow the script given to him by Gilmore Girls producers, in a convincing manner.

Patterson’s character Luke Danes and his fiancée Lorelai Gilmore were unable to conceive children due to the latter’s age and therefore decided to pay a visit to fan favorite Paris Geller, who is employed as a fertility specialist in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. The idea does, however, seem to be more favored by Lorelai than it does Luke, who shows very little interest and also appears thoroughly confused whenever the couple goes to meetings to discuss planning the pregnancy. In fact, Luke ends up telling Lorelai that he is happy enough without children and does not want to go through the process at all.

There was, however, somewhat of a happy ending when it came to the Gilmore Girls couple’s storyline. A decade after fans were left hanging as to whether the two actually managed to make their somewhat dysfunctional relationship work, the two tied the knot in a private but intimate ceremony held in Stars Hollow’s now infamous gazebo located in the town square.

Lorelai’s daughter and best friend Rory Gilmore was present to witness the commitment ceremony as well as the innkeeper’s employee Michel Gerard. Originally, the iconic Gilmore Girls couple had planned quite the shindig in which to exchange their vows, but the night before a mutual decision was made to avoid the stress and chaos of a big wedding and do something special instead.

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