‘Vikings’ Season 5, Episode 11 Air Date Possibly Set In Fall, Lagertha’s Death Teased By Michael Hirst

The first half of Vikings Season 5 might be over, but the war is set to continue later this year. In “Moments of Vision,” major characters were killed off in a vicious manner, and the episode concluded with a possible tease on Lagertha’s future. Could the Queen of Kattegat finally be defeated by Ivar the Boneless? Will Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 feature Lagertha’s depressing death this fall?

The mid-season finale truly belonged to Ivar the Boneless as his army finally forced Lagertha and Bjorn to retreat. “Moments of Vision” saw the demise of Lagertha’s beloved Astrid, as well as Halfdan, who was killed by his own brother, Harald Finehair. However, these deaths were less jarring than the one that was hinted on in the episode. Could Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 open with Ivar killing Lagertha?

There is little doubt that there are more people who will be written off in the second half of Vikings Season 5. After all, Michael Hirst has already confirmed that no one is safe in the series. The creator of the History show recently spoke to Variety, stating that “everyone was up for grabs” and that “there was almost no one that was sacred.” Some fans believe Hirst may have been teasing about beloved main characters like The Seer, Floki, and Lagertha.

But could this mean that Lagertha is the next to go in Vikings Season 5, Episode 11? Fans have been concerned that Katheryn Winnick might finally say goodbye to the History series. Some have even pointed out that the Dark Tower actress has not posted any photos while filming for the sixth season and has only teased about directing a future episode. This has led to speculation that the Queen of Kattegat will be overthrown and killed in the back end of the current season.

There are several clues about Lagertha’s possible death in “Moments of Vision.” The conclusion of the mid-season finale featured the Queen of Kattegat with white hair, as though the show has finally acknowledged that age is catching up with her. In addition to that, Lagertha had a vision that touched upon her past. However, it is Michael Hirst’s teaser about Vikings Season 5, Episode 11 that seems to seal the character’s fate.

“This season is very much Ivar in ascendant.”

The rise of Ivar the Boneless could undoubtedly mean the fall of Lagertha. Hopefully, the Queen of Kattegat will not immediately be killed in Vikings Season 5, Episode 11, which is expected to air in the fall of 2018.

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