‘Celebrity Big Brother’: Two-Time Runner-Up Paul Abrahamian Issues Warning To New Cast Of CBS Reality Show

Paul Abrahamian knows a thing or two about living in the Big Brother house. The two-time Big Brother runner-up spent the past two summers holed up in the CBS summertime house. Now, just ahead of the announcement of the first-ever Celebrity Big Brother cast, Abrahamian has some words of advice for the future occupants of the Big Brother house.

In a new video posted by Entertainment Tonight, Paul Abrahamian warns the still-unnamed celebrity houseguests to keep their emotions in check while playing the Big Brother game. The Big Brother veteran also strongly advises the stars not to get into a showmance and to remember that they are being recorded all the time while in the house.

“Listen, celebs, y’all are gonna crack!” Abrahamian said.

“I don’t care how hyped up you are. You’re gonna walk into that Big Brother house, your manager’s not gonna be in the house. Your producer’s not gonna be there. You’re gonna be crying at the door. You’re gonna run out of ham. No eggs. What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do? You’re gonna 100 percent lose it.”

Paul Abrahamian spent nearly six months total in the Big Brother house over two seasons, but the celebrity cast will have a much shorter stay. The Celebrity Big Brother game will only run for about three weeks, with 13 total episodes airing.

Celebrity Big Brother

Still, Big Brother 19 winner Josh Martinez joins Paul Abrahamian in warning the stars: The Big Brother game is brutal. This from a guy who took home the $500,000 Big Brother grand prize.

“It’s intense,” the Big Brother winner said. “It’s a roller coaster of emotions. If you are not mentally prepared to play the game of Big Brother, do not sign up.”

Indeed, even Big Brother host Julie Chen has hinted that the celebrity edition will be even more difficult than the regular version of the show.

“It’s going to be more intense than what you’re used to seeing because it’s going to be concentrated,” Chen told the Hollywood Reporter. “Picture everything about Big Brother, but nonstop action because it’s going to be on a fast-forward button.”

While the star-studded Big Brother Celebrity cast has not yet been confirmed, there have been plenty of casting spoilers and leaks. Julie Chen already made it clear that the Celebrity Big Brother house won’t exactly include Oscar winners, and her new comments tease that at least some of the names won’t be household ones. Chen told ET that she is most looking forward to seeing “the human side of celebrities.”

“Even if it’s a celebrity that really isn’t on my radar, I just want to see the human side of celebrities,” the Big Brother host said.

A new promo for Celebrity Big Brother reveals that the cast will include actors, athletes, and everything in between. Take a look:


Big Brother: Celebrity Edition will premiere Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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