Amber Portwood Continues To Make Money Off Her ‘Teen Mom OG’ Fans Despite Social Media Break

Amber Portwood announced a few weeks ago that she would be taking a long break from social media after fans learned how quickly she got together with Andrew Glennon. Amber had kept her relationship with Andrew a secret for a while, even though she knew that it was a better relationship than the one she had with Matt Baier. Portwood and Andrew went on vacation after having dated three months, and it was here she learned she was pregnant. Fans were questioning the timeline, as she went on Marriage Bootcamp and started dating Andrew immediately after. In other words, she wasn’t single for more than a few days before going into a new relationship.

Amber didn’t appreciate the mean comments about her relationship and revealed that she was going to take some time to herself. She revealed that included ignoring her social media accounts for a while to avoid stressing while being pregnant. However, it isn’t quite a break as Amber’s Twitter feed continues to stay active. According to her Twitter timeline, Amber Portwood is sharing articles about her co-stars, and she’s making money from click-bait articles that could be hurtful to her co-stars. While many have said they won’t click the articles, it’s clear that Amber has no problem letting others post content on her profiles for her.

When these Teen Mom stars made their social media profiles, they were great tools to connect with fans. Over the years, Amber Portwood has received much praise for how she’s handled herself during her depression and how she has managed to help other people in similar situations. But now that they are making over $250,000 per year from MTV, it sounds like many of her stars choose to market content to make even more money. Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra has revealed that he’s not selling himself short and is sharing this kind of content for the money. However, Amber didn’t seem to mind. For some of these stars, the show and the fans are both just part of the job.

Amber Portwood could be taking a long break from social media, as she’s due in a few months. It’s possible she’s going to focus on love and positivity, not the negativity that comes from Teen Mom OG viewers.

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