Jenelle Evans Laughs At Stepdaughter And Fans Are Furious While Calling Her A Bully

Jenelle Evans has been keeping a low profile on social media and Teen Mom 2 as she has tried to start various businesses to keep her income strong. For months, Jenelle had threatened to leave Teen Mom 2 because she felt that the producers were showing her in a bad light. Evans felt that her storyline was always edited to be negative while her co-stars often got the “saint” edit. She pointed to Chelsea DeBoer, who had been portrayed as if she had no problems in her marriage or life. But fans have been quick to point out Jenelle’s flaws, and this week was no different.

A few months back, Jenelle’s husband, David Eason, earned full custody of his daughter, Maryssa. She has been living with the couple in the country, and it sounds like they are supporting her cheerleading ventures. But this week, Maryssa made a mistake when speaking about her pregnant teacher, and Evans thought it was hilarious. According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans shared the conversation, but fans quickly felt that she should have been more supportive. Some of her followers pointed out that it almost seemed like bullying, as Jenelle and David were laughing at Maryssa over something she clearly didn’t understand.

“Maryssa said her teacher is pregnant and going on “eternity leave” soon. David said “forever?”, and she said “I guess.” She doesn’t understand why me and David are dying right now. #CantBreathe,” Jenelle Evans shared on Twitter.

Some people thought it was innocent and funny, while others took a harsher tone with the mother of three. They felt it was completely unacceptable for her to laugh at Maryssa when she clearly didn’t understand what was so funny. However, many people also pointed out that it was indeed a funny situation, and they would have laughed as well.

Perhaps, Teen Mom 2 fans think there’s a fine line with this particular situation. As long as Jenelle isn’t pointing her finger at her stepdaughter’s face, laughing at her to make her feel bad, then it’s okay. It seems like many of Jenelle’s followers would have done the same, but some did bring up the fact that Jenelle had threatened to leave Teen Mom 2, asking her when she would be taking eternity leave from the show.

Leah Messer has revealed that she’s filming Teen Mom 2 these days, so it’s possible that Jenelle Evans is also filming the show. If not, she probably went through with her threats to leave the show behind.

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