Oprah And Reese Witherspoon Sprout Extra Body Parts On ‘Vanity Fair’ Cover, Sending Twitter Into Frenzy

Vanity Fair’s latest edition hit the shelves yesterday, and it didn’t take long for Twitter to pick up on the seemingly extra body parts that Oprah Winfrey and Reese Witherspoon appeared to sprout for the occasion. The cover photo for their annual Hollywood issue was taken by the famous Annie Lebovitz, and it featured the top people from the industry for 2018.

While controversy over who was picked for the Vanity Fair cover might have been an expected topic of debate, that didn’t happen. Instead, folks honed in on the extra limbs that Oprah and Reese seemingly sprouted overnight, according to Fox News.

Before the cover was even published, some problems popped up. People Magazine reports that James Franco had to be digitally erased from the Vanity Fair cover after the sexual harassment charges were made against him.

Once the cover emerged online Thursday, the controversy over the star’s limbs bubbled up with the appearance of extra body parts, causing some confusion among some Twitter users.

One tweet asked, “I’m [trying to] figure out how many legs Reese Witherspoon’s got in here, it’s been bothering me for the last five minutes.”

Reese, who is leaning on her friend Oprah in the picture, appears to have not two legs, but three, according to what folks on Twitter were seeing. Within no time, Reese and her “three legs” went viral. It also didn’t take long for Reese to catch wind of this, but she took it all in her stride and posted a tweet that showed her sense of humor, which is seen below.

Oprah is said to have three hands in another photo taken during the shoot, adding another limb for her as well. You can see it in the picture on the right side of this tweet below from the Daily Mail. Oprah has one hand on her own hip, one on her own lap, and then a third hand is seen with Oprah’s fingertips popping out from under Reese’s arm.

Oprah also had some fun with suddenly sprouting a third had. She replied to Reese Witherspoon’s tweet as seen below.

Twitter users chimed in and also had some fun with these extra limbs suddenly showing up on some very famous celebrities.

Many people were stunned that such a big event would emerge with not one, but two epic Photoshop fails. Despite the extra limbs peeking out, the celebrities looked gorgeous, which was what some folks suggested during their critiques of the extra body parts.

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