‘One Piece’ Chapter 892 Spoilers: Katakuri Knocks Out Luffy, Yonko’s Crew Acknowledges Strawhats’ Power

One Piece Chapter 892 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing the web. The upcoming chapter will feature Sanji and co. delivering the delicious wedding cake to Big Mom and the continuation of the battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Charlotte Katakuri. Will the Strawhat Pirates finally reunite?

In the spoiler posted on Reddit by Doctor YonkouProductions, One Piece Chapter 892 will start with Charlotte Perospero, the eldest son of Big Mom, thinking what to do with the wedding cake. Perospero is worried Capone Bege did something to the wedding cake that will put the lady Yonko in great danger.

However, if he destroys the wedding cake, Big Mom will surely get mad and focus her attention on them. Charlotte Linlin won’t think twice before killing her son or daughter, especially when she still has tantrums. She will also punish Perospero for lying about the location of the wedding cake. If Perospero is right that Bege poisoned the wedding cake to kill Big Mom, the whole kingdom will definitely be doomed.

One Piece Chapter 892 spoilers revealed that Bege and his crew won’t put poison on the wedding cake. The Tank Pirates captain and Sanji agree that they will deliver the wedding cake safely to Big Mom. After that, Bege is free to do whatever he wanted to do with the lady Yonko.

The spoilers for the upcoming chapter of One Piece hinted the reunion of Sanji with Brook, Nami, Jinbe, and Chopper in the Thousand Sunny. Sanji asked them about Pedro and Carrot. Brook told him that they are both resting in the room and decided not to say what really happened to Pedro. Perospero ordered his siblings to split into two teams. One will chase the Strawhat Pirates while the other will go after Bege.

In a short span of time, the Big Mom Pirates completely surrounded the Strawhat Pirates. Jinbe told them that it means that the enemies are acknowledging their power. So far, they still have three hours before meeting at the Cacao Island. None of them has an idea when Luffy will show up.

Charlotte Oven ordered everyone on the island to break every mirror so that they could corner that Strawhat Pirates captain. As of now, Luffy is still fighting Katakuri in the Mirror World. The sweet commander notices the improvement on Luffy’s Observation Haki. If the fight continues, he’s worried that Luffy could be able to become as good as him. To finish him quickly, Katakuri attacks Luffy with everything he’s got, resulting for the future Pirate King to be knocked out.

One Piece Chapter 892 is expected to be out soon.

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