London To Host ‘Harry Potter’ Cruise In Summer 2018

A themed cruise based on the mega-popular book and movie series Harry Potter will be coming to London, England, this summer, much to the delight of diehard British fans. The exciting event, which will take place on the River Thames, is set for August.

According to the London Evening Standard, Barge Lady Cruises is in charge of the upcoming Harry Potter-themed boat ride, with the plan being to pass some of the most iconic locations in the series as the watercraft travels through the river. These stops include Virginia Water, the University of Oxford’s Christ Church College, and Picket Post Close. The college itself did not only serve as the filming location for the infamous Great Hall dining scenes, but locations around the rest of the building were also caught on camera as the film series went on.

Picket Post Close is, of course, where fans were first introduced to the boy who lived in the cupboard under the stairs, forced to sleep there by the relatives who never wanted him in the first place, but took him in after his parents were killed by the darkest wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort. Virginia Water is where Harry first meets Buckbeak the Hippogriff, a magical creature he and his friends ultimately end up saving from execution in order to save the main character’s godfather, as well as the animal itself, from a terrible fate. Passengers will also get the chance to visit Warner Bros. Studios, in order to take a tour of where the magic of Harry Potter truly came to life.

The ride, however, is in no way cheap and the majority of Harry Potter fans will unfortunately have to miss out; tickets for the event total over $4,000 USD, or close to £3,000. The Magna Carta barge cruise sails on two separate sets dates, August 5-11 and 19-25. Only eight people are taken on the adventure, and tickets are expected to sell out fast.

This is the second Harry Potter-themed event to be announced in the past week. Last Thursday, it was revealed that a brunch would be coming to the major Canadian cities of Vancouver and Toronto this summer and would include magical training and wizarding sports galore, with tickets reportedly being put up for sale sometime in the near future.

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