Fans Accuse TLC Of Cutting Incriminating Clips Of Josh Duggar From Old Duggar Family Specials

Duggar fans were shocked when it was leaked in 2015 that Josh Duggar, the oldest member of the mega-clan, had molested five young women, including four of his younger sisters. The revelation brought shame amongst the famous family, who has been on television since their first special in 2004 and some of the sisters even agreed to be interviewed about the sexual assault.

In the wake of the discovery of old police records that showed Josh Duggar’s sexual misconduct, sponsors for the TLC hit 19 Kids and Counting pulled themselves off of the show. Although one of the network’s biggest hits, it was pulled immediately off the air.

The family, however, was growing as the older sisters starting courting and marrying, so TLC pitched and then released a spin-off focusing on the older girls called Counting On.

The Duggar family has been on television since their first 2004 special, 14 Kids and Pregnant Again! Fans with a keen eye for detail, however, have noticed a few things in the earlier Duggar family specials that lead to them believing that TLC might have been editing out sections so as not to further incriminate Josh or the family.

In one Duggar group, the original special was posted so fans could discuss the difference between then and now. However, it was noted that originally, Josh stated that he took care of his siblings at night time, which appears to have been omitted so as not to continue to cast a bad light on the Duggar family.

Others have said that they remember instances where Josh had been in charge of the care of his siblings, which might make viewers think this is when he took the opportunity to sexual assault his sisters.

Originally, Josh’s presence was cut from all TLC programming going forward and he wasn’t featured much on the family’s social media. Later in 2015, it was also discovered that Josh had been cheating on his wife, Anna, with women he met online.

Josh has recently been creeping back up into the family’s social media, and has made a few appearances on Counting On, even though he has supposedly been banned from the show. Many fans have wondered if this means the Duggar family is slowly trying to test if he can appear on the show and in family posts without too much fuss.

Thus far, there is no definitive evidence that TLC has attempted to wash over Josh’s crimes, but it is a possibility.

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