‘Star Trek Into The Darkness’ Releases Two New Videos

Another day, another new tip for Star Trek Into The Darkness, which leaps into theaters on May 17, 2013. While we’re not getting a trailer today, fans of the J.J. Abrams franchise are getting an exclusive treat that will leave fans of the series simply salivating. The studio has decided to release two new videos, and one that give inside details to the secretive new sequel to the Star Trek franchise.

The first is a lengthy 18-minute video titled “Secrets From Inside Bad Robot.” Bad Robot, as fans would know is the production company from Abrams, which has helped him launch famous television shows such as Alias, Lost, and Fringe, as well as branching off into films.

The video takes the viewer and Star Trek fan into the world of Star Trek, and the production company Bad Robot. Upon first click fans will learn about the music, props, and every nook and cranny that went into making the expensive new Star Trek film.

The second video released for Star Trek fans is another great and informative video for any fan of the franchise. It’s the official video announcement about the new app coinciding with the film. The app, which is said to launch at the end of January is being described as:

“These cutting edge technologies are being showcased in a never before-seen way and will enable users to automatically engage with a wealth of movie related materials by utilizing their real-life surroundings to auto-complete integrated missions by employing audio scan, geo-location recognition, and image recognition functionality powered by Qualcomm Vuforia.”

So far the only person to have seen the new Star Trek film in its entirety is the late Daniel Craft, who was granted his dying wish to see the film.

Check out the announcement of the app below:

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