Lynne Patton Apologizes To Trump Family For Calling April Ryan ‘Miss Piggy’

Lynne Patton is feeling the heat from Twitter users who didn’t take kindly to the former Trump campaign surrogate lashing out at journalist April Ryan. As seen in the below tweet, Patton called Ryan “Miss Piggy” in a tweet that has now been deleted from the social networking platform, but not before plenty of people could grab screenshot photos of the insult that has been called a form of fat-shaming on Lynne’s part.

In the tweet from the verified Twitter account of Lynne Patton, she wrote that she heard “Miss Piggy” was still on a rampage, claiming that Lynne must have struck a nerve with April. Patton included Ryan’s Twitter handle of @AprilDRyan in the controversial tweet and called April a “bankrupt blogger.”

Ryan is a famous White House journalist who is oftentimes seen giving political commentary on CNN, according to the Associated Press. The source of the “Miss Piggy” melee came after April and Lynne went back and forth, trading words. Patton had tweeted certain GIFs, with Lynne calling Ryan a writer who blogged at a “bankrupt outlet.” Patton has since apologized for the low-blow after her “Miss Piggy” insult went viral. Lynne included the below photo of April in her original tweet that contained the “Miss Piggy” insult.

After Patton posted the following GIF, showing Will Smith in character from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days, Ryan had quite the comeback for Lynne’s insult claiming Ryan worked for a bankrupt news outlet.

As seen below, Ryan told Lynne to “kick rocks little girl” and asked Patton if she actually had a job with HUD. April lobbed choice words of her own at Lynne, calling her a “washed up wedding planner.”

Miss Piggy is currently still on Twitter’s trending list, with approximately 8,000 tweets about the subject.

Feeling the heat and backlash of Twitter, Lynne later wrote on Twitter that she decided to delete her “Miss Piggy” tweet by choice. Patton wrote that no one in Trump’s administration told her to delete the “Miss Piggy” insult, but that she knew the tweet was beneath her. Lynne issued an apology to April, Secretary Ben Carson, as well as President Donald Trump and his family.

Patton did plan events for Trump and his family prior to his 2016 presidential run.

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