Khloe Kardashian Reveals Pregnancy Weight Gain

Khloe Kardashian is speaking out about her pregnancy weight gain and revealing how she’s handling her cravings ever since announcing in December that she and her basketball star boyfriend Tristan Thompson are expecting their first child together, due later this year.

Khloe opened up about her recent weight gain in a blog post on her official website on January 24, where she admitted that although she’s trying to stay as healthy as possible, she’s also been giving in to any cravings she experiences during her pregnancy.

“Of course I have cravings and I give in to them!” Kardashian told fans this week of the weight she’s gained over the past seven months, per People. “But, as always, I do everything in moderation… if I’m craving something, I make sure I give it to myself.”

Though she didn’t reveal exactly how much weight she’s gained amid rumors little sister Kylie Jenner has allegedly gained around 60 pounds so far during her as yet unconfirmed pregnancy, Kardashian admitted that she’s already looking forward to shedding the extra weight and getting back into the gym properly once she gives birth.

“During my pregnancy, I’m obviously not beating myself up about what I’m eating at all,” Khloe said of her current diet.

The reality star and Revenge Body host then confirmed that she’s already feeling inspired to shed the pounds amid reports she’s allegedly hoping to “inspire” other moms with how quickly she loses the baby weight.

“I’m more encouraged by how, after the baby comes, I’m going to work off every pound,” the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star continued in her latest pregnancy blog. “I’m actually really excited to get my body back. I can’t wait!”

But while she may have put on a little weight, as is healthy and normal for expectant moms, Khloe added that she’s still been hitting the gym – something she came under serious fire for in December, which caused her to lash out at her followers and even threaten to stop sharing updates on her pregnancy on social media.

People reported this week that Kardashian told fans that she “loves” the fact that she’s staying so active during her pregnancy and considers herself to be very “lucky” that she can still work out, as some expectant moms can be advised to abstain from working out while pregnant.

“Of course, I can’t go as hard as I did before, and I really do miss my intense workouts,” Khloe said of her exercise routine while pregnant on her official blog.

Kardashian’s blog post came shortly after she told fans on Twitter that she had been searching for pictures of her pre-pregnancy body online and was looking forward to hitting the gym again like she used to.

Khloe Kardashian opens up about weight gain while pregnant

“Now I am googling images of my pre-pregnancy body and I’m feigning to get back to my workouts and old body,” Kim Kardashian’s sister tweeted. “Holy cow.”

Khloe then replied to a fan who praised her pregnancy body by admitting that she feels “like a blimp” right now.

As for when Kardashian will be able to hit the gym at full capacity and shed the pounds like she’s hoping, Khloe revealed in December that she was 6-months along, meaning she’ll likely give birth to her first child sometime in March.

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