Barack Obama Is ‘Sucker For Love’ — Officiates Marriage Of Two Staffers As Jaws Drop For Unsuspecting Guests

Unsuspecting wedding guests sat with dropped jaws when Barack Obama appeared as the man about to officiate a marriage that 120 people had gathered to witness. It was an appearance by Obama that left the wedding guests “flabbergasted,” according to the Kansas City Star.

Obama was asked to officiate this wedding by two of his closest staff people who were joining together in this marriage and he agreed to do so. The few guests that knew he was coming were sworn to secrecy, and it was evident when he appeared in front of the crowd that it was a well-kept secret.

The only hint might have been the Secret Service agents who were visible on the Washington, D.C., grounds at the location where the wedding was held. The headline in Brides Magazine blared, “Former President Barack Obama Just Officiated a Wedding That’s Officially Cooler Than Yours.”

It was the wedding day of Dana Remus and Brett Holmgren on Sunday, and they wanted this “very important guest” who was about to officiate their vows remain a surprise until it was time to start the ceremony. Both the bride and the groom know Barack Obama extremely well and he thinks very highly of this couple if his speech was any indication.

Remus works for the Obama Foundation as a general counsel and Holmgren worked at the White House with Obama as his “special assistant” and as senior director for intelligence programs on the National Security Council staff. The wedding took place at a D.C. winery, according to the Washingtonian.

Michelle Obama was unable to make the wedding and Barrack Obama stayed long enough to officiate the vows and pose for some pictures, but he left before the dinner and dancing. The reason for his early departure was that he didn’t want his presence to take away from the true stars of the day, which were the bride and groom.

This couple now has some pretty exciting documents that will be considered historic one day. While Obama has been a groomsman at his staff weddings twice before, this is the first time he actually officiated the marriage of two people he’s worked with.

Obama, who isn’t eligible legally to perform marriages, applied for a temporary officiant’s license to do so in Washington, D.C., so he could legally marry the couple. He said some very heartfelt words pertaining to the couple and Brides Magazine writes their thoughts about Obama’s appearance:

“It’s no surprise the president signed on for this favor. He’s probably a sucker for love given the epic marriage he has with former First Lady Michelle Obama. The two have been married for 25 years.”

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