‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Kristen Doute Facing Backlash Over James Kennedy Cheating Rumors

Kristen Doute once gushed about how wonderful James Kennedy was after she broke things off with Tom Sandoval. Kristen felt that James was a much better boyfriend for her, as she had cheated on Tom with Jax Taylor twice. However, she was convinced that Tom had cheated on her with Ariana Madix, something that played out in season two of Vanderpump Rules. These days, Kristen has moved on to a new man, and one can imagine that James isn’t a topic of discussion in her life. But Kristen loves a good rumor, so when she heard the rumor that her ex-boyfriend may have cheated on Raquel with his best friend, Logan, Doute had to say something about it. As it turns out, people think she’s a hypocrite as she is a cheater herself.

According to a new tweet, Kristen Doute is now revealing that she doesn’t think that she’s a hypocrite. She points out that she’s not slamming the fact that he cheated on Raquel with another man, as she doesn’t have anything against gay people. On Twitter, she points out that she doesn’t respect the fact that he cheated while leading Raquel on. Of course, there’s no evidence that he did cheat on her, so it seems to be all speculation at this point. But Kristen would still be a hypocrite, as she cheated while dating Tom as well.

“Hypocrite? Furthest thing from it. I was asked a question so I answered. If he did ever hook up with a guy then I support it AS LONG AS HE DOESN’T HAVE A GIRLFRIEND,” Kristen Doute explained on social media to a fan, who deleted the original tweet.

When the Vanderpump Rules crew learned about the rumor that James may have slept with Logan, they couldn’t stop laughing. Maybe they were surprised that Kennedy would have an interest in another man, as he has only dated women on the show. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with experimenting with other people, but Kristen reveals that he should do so without a girlfriend. On Monday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, James revealed that Raquel was moving in with him, which makes the relationship a bit more serious. No word on whether he has actually hooked up with Logan, but it sounds like his co-stars believe that he’s guilty.

Kristen Doute hasn’t revealed whether she cheated on Tom Sandoval, but she appears to be happy with her new man.

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