Duggar Brothers Allegedly Joke About Jana Duggar Doing All Of The Work, Fans Worry About Her Well-Being

Fans have long speculated that Jana Duggar, the eldest daughter of the mega-clan, does most of the work in the Duggar household. The family, which is on a trip to Australia and New Zealand to participate in the Institute of Basic Life Principles talks, took Jana with them on the trip. Some speculate it is because the family couldn’t hold it together without her.

The eldest member of the Duggar clan is often called “Cinderella Duggar,” or the replacement mother for the youngest kids as Michelle Duggar continues her other responsibilities, such as public speaking.

Jim Bob Duggar, the patriarch of the family, joked about Jana “still being single” at 28 and said he and his family were still praying for her during a talk at an Australian church. However, it is some of Jana’s brothers’ comments that have gotten fans riled up.

According to a fan who was at the event, some of the Duggar brothers joked that Jana did all of the work for the family. During a Q & A, which reportedly didn’t make it to film, the boys were asked how it was possible to pack and get so many people ready for a trip halfway around the world.

The fan said that the boys’ answer perturbed them.

“Have a Jana,” they said laughing, insinuating that their older sister does all the work for them. Many critics of the family also took this as a sexist remark, as the men of the family often treat women as property or as though they are there to serve them.

Jana was even pictured on the official Duggar family Facebook page inspecting the luggage at the airport and making sure everything was ready to go for her family.


Now that most of Jana’s sisters are married and doing their own thing, it seems a lot of the childcare and family scheduling falls on her shoulders. The reality TV show star is often seen baking, cooking or taking care of the children. In fact, recently, one of Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna’s young children said she missed Jana while she was away, which had some thinking that perhaps Jana was also helping out more than she should with her nieces and nephews.

Rumors have swirled for quite a long time as to Jana Duggar’s relationship status, but it seems, for now, that the 28-year-old is still single and living at home.

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