Macaulay Culkin Is ‘Fiercely Protective’ Of Goddaughter Paris Jackson

Former child star Macaulay Culkin stopped by Marc Maron’s WTF podcast recently, and he opened up about a range of topics – from the emotional and physical abuse he suffered as a kid at the hands of his dad to his unique friendship with Michael Jackson. But, there was one subject that was off limits, his special bond with his goddaughter, Paris Jackson.

Mac Didn’t Want To Talk About Paris

E! News reports that during the candid conversation, Culkin revealed that he is close to Jackson, but he warned Maron that he was very protective of her and he didn’t want to talk about their private relationship. The actor said he didn’t want to go down that road because it would be a dead end. However, he did admit that he loves her very much and she is tall, beautiful and great. He added, “she is beloved by me.”

In July, the two got a pair of matching spoon tattoos on their arms at Tattoo Mania in West Hollywood, and they showed off the new ink on social media.

He was incredibly close to Paris’ father, Michael, when he was a kid, appearing in his video for Black or White and spending time at Neverland Ranch.

Culkin Opened Up About His Abusive Past

Culkin did say that he is an open book about everything else in his life and talked about being abused as a child, which is something his father denies. He claims his dad would tell him that he had to “do good or I’ll hit you” when he worked on films like Home Alone as a child actor.

He also said that his father, Kit, was jealous of him because he had achieved everything his dad wanted to do with his life, and he did it before he was ten years old.

Culkin’s parents divorced after he filmed the 1994 movie Richie Rich, and he says it was the greatest thing to happen to him because it let him leave the movie business. He revealed that he wanted to take a break at that point, but eventually told his parents he was done and that he hoped they had made their money because there would be no more coming from him.

The Uncle Buck star famously sued his parents at the age of 15 over his $17 million in earnings, and he had them removed as his legal guardians, so they could no longer control his money.

Get Ready For Culkin’s Return To The Big Screen

Culkin is set to return to Hollywood this year with a role in the movie Changeland, in which he will co-star with his girlfriend, Brenda Song. Robot Chicken’s Seth Green directed the film.

The 37-year-old showcased a fresh, new look this past summer, and in addition to returning to acting, he is also a musician. He did say that his Velvet Underground cover band the Pizza Underground is no more, but the parody group did record an album back in 2016, and there is still a chance they could release it in the future.

Macaulay Culkin’s’ Changeland does not have a release date at this time.

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