Matthew McConaughey’s Big Brother Names His Kids After Beer — Rooster McConaughey Has A&E Reality Show

Did you know that Matthew McConaughey’s older brother “Rooster” McConaughey has his own reality show on A&E and that it’s been around for quite some time? He teamed up with his long-time business partner and friend, “Butch” Gilliam and the title of this show is Rooster & Butch.

Rooster, whose real name is Michael Patrick McConaughy, has three credits listed with IMDb for acting, with roles in three movies, The Newton Boys, The Iron Orchard and Call For Fire. But today he is aiming to help others by investing in their dreams.

Matthew McConaughey is not the only self-made millionaire in his family, his brother has also raked in the dough, doing what he does best, achieving financial success, according to Fox News. Rooster and Butch work out of West Texas, which Rooster says is still a place where neighbors help neighbors. While he calls his neighborhood a “very rugged environment,” he also said it is a “very rewarding place to live.”

The show is advertised as “Cut the Bull — ROO$TER & BUTCH — Giving the Little Guy a Seat at the Table.” The two self-made millionaires are looking to help people with their own American dream by investing in the products and services that are pitched to them on the show.

The money doesn’t flow just because the product that the prospective entrepreneur is pitching is deemed good. No, “these good old boys will only throw their money down after they’ve tested the true measure of an entrepreneur’s character. Integrity first; idea second,” according to A& E.

These two guys are comical with their West Texas drawl and their West Texas antics, as seen in the video above. So why did Rooster name his kids after beer? For one thing, he was thrilled that he did. Once it was announced to his friends and his family that his son was named Miller Lyte, he quips how he was getting six-packs in lieu of flowers. Yes, his son’s middle name is Lyte, not Lite.

Rooster said that he always drank a lot of Miller Lite, but when his wife was pregnant with their first child together, his friends reminded him that the box of Miller Lite he kept as a staple in the back of his pickup truck wasn’t appropriate as a new father. Rooster explains the conversation with his buddies saying:

“Hey man, get ready. Your life’s gonna change. You can’t go be riding ’round with that Miller Lite all the time. Because you’re gettin’ ready to have a kid.” And I went, “You know if things work out, I’ll be able to take Miller Lite to church.”

Today he does take Miller Lyte to church. When it came time to name their next child, his wife said she would take charge and decided to name their daughter after his wife’s grandmother, Margarita. He came up with the middle name that his wife loved, “Olympia,” but unbeknownst to his wife, this too was a name of a beer. Rooster said:

“So I threw out Olympia. They jumped all over it. Little did they know that was the name of a beer. I named my little daughter after a dead beer. But now they’re making it again.”

Rooster’s business mind keeps on ticking and he decided he should get at least one perk from Miller Lyte since naming his son after the beer. Rooster said during a Fox News interview, “And as I tell Miller Lite if Y’all don’t start sponsoring us, I’m gonna start drinking Olympia again.”

If you’d like to get a gander at Rooster & Butch in action or just tune in to see what the older brother of Matthew McConaughey looks like and make some comparisons of the two brothers, you can catch this show on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. on A&E.

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