‘Vanderpump Rules’ Newest Star Billie Lee Calls Lisa Vanderpump Her ‘Fairy Godmother’

The latest episode of Vanderpump Rules featured its normal drama, but it also introduced the newest member of the SUR staff, Billie Lee. Viewers had the chance to witness Lee speak at the restaurant’s LA pride celebration, and she shared with everyone why she calls Lisa Vanderpump her “fairy godmother.”

Billie Lee Opens Up At Gay Pride

“My name is Billie Lee, and I am transgender,” said the 33-year-old. “I went through so much of my life ashamed of who I was, and I went through a transition where I wasn’t accepted by society — and [Lisa] hired me and accepted me.”

Later, Lee gave Life & Style the details of her tough but rewarding transition, and she told the publication that Vanderpump has been a guiding light on her journey to self-love. The SUR hostess called her boss “amazing,” and feels like Vanderpump should have a wand because she knows how to make things happen.

Lee also said that Vanderpump is beautiful both inside and out, and it was nice to have a boss that doesn’t judge, but rather loves and supports you. All she expects is for Lee to show up and do her job, and she is grateful for that.

Being A Part Of The Crew At SUR Is A ‘Dream Come True’

The Indiana native says her job at SUR and being part of the Vanderpump Rules cast is a dream come true, and she is thankful not only for the financial stability but also for having a platform to advocate for the transgender community. Lee also said it is a nice change after suffering from rejection for so long.

She revealed that many transgender women resort to prostitution because of the limited job opportunities available to them – especially when they are in transition. Lee revealed that she had to sell her body at times to make ends meet, but she was able to lean on her family for help. She calls her transition one of the darkest times of her life, and even though she had friends and family who supported her, it was still a struggle.

Lee admits that she didn’t feel like society embraced her until she underwent multiple surgeries and completed her transition, saying that it wasn’t until she was attractive that things started to improve for her. Of course, beauty is what society is all about, and Lee discovered this after she transitioned and suddenly she had job opportunities and men who wanted to date her.

Lee Finds Acceptance After Bullying

The new reality star is thrilled about her newfound acceptance, especially after being the victim of bullying as a kid. But, she decided to hide her trans identity at first because she didn’t want people to know out of fear of going back to the dark place in her life.

However, she got tired of living a lie and eventually found solace via yoga and meditation. It was at this point that she had a ceremony to honor her inner child – the little boy who wanted to play with Barbies and not GI Joes. She said she thanks that little boy for making her who she is today.

Catch Billie Lee on new episodes of Vanderpump Rules Monday nights on Bravo.

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