Wendy Williams Slams Megyn Kelly Amid Jane Fonda Feud, ‘No One Knows You’ [Video]

Wendy Williams isn’t holding back when it comes to discussing Megyn Kelly’s feud with Jane Fonda. After Jane slammed the NBC host once again earlier this week for asking about her plastic surgery during a past interview – which then caused Megyn to seriously clap back at the actress on her show – Wendy weighed in on all the drama this week where she accused Kelly of creating drama for ratings.

After addressing the situation and the latest round of cutting words between the two, Hollywood Life reported that Wendy asked on The Wendy Williams Show this week, “Why are you fighting with her, Megyn Kelly? Is your show still on?” before she then accused the host of “fishing for ratings” by clapping back at Fonda.

Continuing to take aim at Megyn, whose new NBC show Megyn Today has been the subject of much talk over the past few months, Williams then continued by telling her through the TV screen, “You’re brand new to the set. No one knows you in that genre.”

She then noted that she thought she could see through Kelly’s supposed ratings ploy.

“Megyn is brand new to this one-hour talk format thing and she’s trying to warm up and do some of the stuff what I do,” Wendy said. “She’s trying to be entertaining and light hearted, and they gave her a boat load of money to do it.”

Adding that “it’s just not working out” for the star, Williams scolded her fellow TV personality when it came to how she conducted her initial interview with Jane, which caused a whole lot of controversy last year.

“As a conversationalist with a show, I can tell you, one of the things you don’t do when you first meet somebody is zoom in with questions [about plastic surgery],” Wendy hit back.

Williams take on all the drama came shortly after Megyn and Jane’s feud seriously boiled over once again from their interview last year in which Kelly asked Fonda about her plastic surgery as she promoted the movie Our Souls At Night on the NBC series.

As reported by The Washington Post, Jane slammed Megyn at the time, hitting back after she posed the question, “We really want to talk about that now?”

The drama between the two then hit the headlines once again this week after Fonda addressed her controversial interview with Megyn in various interviews with other outlets, throwing some serious shade at the NBC anchor on multiple occasions for bringing up her past surgeries.

She most namely called out the anchor while speaking to Variety, when she claimed that asking her about her plastic surgery “showed that she’s not that good an interviewer.”

That’s when Megyn hit back in a huge way according to CNN, putting Jane on serious blast on Megyn Today, even accusing Fonda of putting on a “poor me routine” which is what Wendy Williams then called her out over on her show this week

As for Wendy, her shade certainly isn’t only reserved for Megyn, as this isn’t the first time she’s made headlines in recent days for calling out a few famous faces.

Just last week, before taking aim at Kelly amid her feud drama, Williams slammed Kim Kardashian and Kanye West following the birth of their daughter Chicago, who was carried by a surrogate.

In a particularly scathing edition of her notorious Hot Topics segment, Wendy joked that the couple may have “grabbed” the baby from the surrogate in the hospital and then “left her bleeding.”

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