Kylie Jenner Concerned What Baby Daughter Will Call Caitlyn Following Sex Change Revelation

Kylie Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner are having serious talks on what her baby is going to call the former Olympic champion, it’s been alleged.

In her book, The Secrets of My Life, Caitlyn openly admits to having undergone a sex change, adding that she fully identifies herself as a woman now, which, of course, all of her family members have accepted.

What’s worrying Kylie Jenner, however, is that she’s puzzled as to whether her baby is supposed to address her father as grandma or grandpa — seeing that Kylie still calls the former reality star her dad.

According to Radar Online, Caitlyn and Kylie Jenner have had endless discussions about it and neither one of them is quite sure how the forthcoming bundle of joy to the family is supposed to address the 68-year-old.

While it’s not the biggest worry of Kylie’s right now, it’s definitely something that has been on her mind considering that she still shares a close relationship to her father and will evidently be spending time at Caitlyn’s home once the baby has arrived.

It would seem that Kylie Jenner has bigger things to worry about now though, with previous reports having claimed that the TV personality has been caught in endless feuds with her baby’s father, Travis Scott.

The couple, who have been together since April 2017, is said to be hitting a lot of rough patches in their relationship, with Kylie reportedly having found out that Scott was making advances onto one of the socialite’s closest friends.

It’s unclear whether Travis and the unidentified woman engaged in sexual activities, but from what’s been gathered, Kylie Jenner had enough evidence to accuse her boyfriend of stepping out on their romance.

Kylie Jenner is expected to give birth in just weeks time. Right now, sources say she’s trying to focus all of her attention on making it to the delivery room and welcoming a healthy baby, but with all the stress that’s come her way, it’s evidently becoming harder to do so.

Kylie has yet to confirm reports that she’s even pregnant, having remained out of the spotlight since September.

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