Real Reason Why The Miz Won IC Title From Roman Reigns On ‘Raw’ 25

During the 25th anniversary of Raw, The Miz regained the Intercontinental Title from Roman Reigns. The title change had been rumored for weeks, so the WWE Universe was not surprised by the ending. However, there’s some speculation regarding why WWE officials made the decision to put the IC Championship back on The Miz’s shoulder only a few weeks after his return and six days away from the WWE Royal Rumble.

Recently, Roman Reigns’ name has been linked to a major steroid ring involving other celebrities. Despite his name being dragged through the mud, the IC Title change had nothing to do with those allegations. It’s been reported by the Wrestling Observer Radio that Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the Universal Title remains the plan for WrestleMania 34, which means Roman does not need to hold the IC Title any longer.

It’s also being reported by CageSideSeats that The Miz regaining the Intercontinental Title is only the start of a major push for him. Heading into WrestleMania 34, WWE officials are planning a “massive match” for The Miz on the card. Those plans haven’t been revealed yet, but the WWE Universe should expect Miz to be treated and booked like a top guy on WWE television over the coming months heading into WrestleMania.

‘The Miz is arguably the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.’

The Brooklyn crowd was ecstatic to see The Miz regain the IC Title during Raw this week. By the grandest stage of them all, he could be one of the biggest babyfaces in the company. The Miz has been on the cusp of a major babyface turn for months now, but it seems WWE officials are getting on board with the idea. Even if Miz remains a heel heading into the event, a major match guarantees he will work with a top babyface.

Whatever WWE officials have planned for him at WrestleMania 34, The Miz regaining the IC Title on Raw was part of the plan. The Miz remains one of the most interesting characters on WWE television right now because his persona could change dramatically over the coming months. Heading into New Orleans, WWE fans should expect big things for Miz. His creative plans will come to light shortly after the ‘Royal Rumble.

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