‘NCIS’ Season 15 Return Date: New Episodes Will Focus On CBS Show’s Favorite Villain, Gabriel Hicks

NCIS Season 15 is taking a long hiatus this season and it is not because the hit CBS show is going to have a permanent break. As expected, fans have been eagerly anticipating as to what is in store for them when the American action police procedural television series finally returns. A new report revealed that viewers will definitely not be disappointed with the upcoming episodes as everyone’s favorite villain is back to stir things up on the show.

According to Carter Matt, NCIS Season 15 Episode 14 will continue where the show left off. The two new episodes titled “Keep Your Friends Close” and “Keep Your Enemies Closer” are going to pick up on the story of Gabriel Hicks (Graham Hamilton).

Unlike the other villains, Gabriel Hicks has definitely left a mark, not only to NCIS but to the viewers as well. The other bad guys on the show quickly fulfilled their purpose for one episode, but Hicks’ story seems to have more depth to it that led people to want to see more of him despite his menacing background.

Gabriel Hicks was first introduced to the viewers in the earlier episodes of NCIS Season 15. The character can be perfectly described in three words: smart, sympathetic, psychopath. These traits are the perfect combination to make one evil villain that everyone loves to hate.

In fact, Gabriel Hicks was too good that he even convinced Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to free him after alleging that he was wrongly accused and was imprisoned for 10 long years for the crime he didn’t commit. Despite his experience in the business, Gibbs failed to see at the time that he was actually being tricked by a con man.

Will Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs finally get the upper hand in the upcoming NCIS Season 15 episodes? That’s something fans will surely not want to miss when the CBS show returns on Tuesday, February 6.

Meanwhile, the real reason why the new episodes of NCIS Season 15 will not be aired in their usual time slot is that the Olympics will be launched on NBC next month and CBS will not try to compete against that.

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