Was Lala Kent And James Kennedy’s Pasta Fight Really Over Cocaine? Cast Responds

Were Lala Kent and James Kennedy really fighting about cocaine instead of pasta? On the latest Vanderpump Rules episode that aired on Monday night, Lala and James got into a very heated argument after Lala giggled to James that she once ate all of the pasta that James’ girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, had ordered. After the episode aired, some viewers, seeking to explain James’ outrageous reaction over some pasta immediately speculated on social media that pasta was a code word for cocaine. Yet according to James Kennedy himself, he really was just talking about pasta. Logan Noh and Ariana Madix, friends to both Lala and James, have also maintained that the fight between Lala and James really was triggered by a plate of pasta and not drugs.

On Wednesday, someone in the entertainment industry tweeted that a lot of people are telling him that pasta is the Vanderpump Rules cast’s code word for cocaine, and Lala was really talking about consuming all of Raquel’s cocaine when she said that she ate all of her pasta.

Ariana immediately denied that Lala was actually talking about cocaine.

Ariana then tweeted that there is a word for “blow,” otherwise known as cocaine, and pasta isn’t it.

Ariana Madix followed up with another tweet maintaining that Lala and James weren’t fighting over cocaine.

Logan Noh, James Kennedy’s friend who was with Lala Kent and James when they got into the big fight, also said that they really were just eating pasta.

James tweeted that when he repeatedly yelled that it wasn’t about the pasta, he didn’t mean that he was actually really mad over cocaine. James explained that what he meant by that was Lala’s action of eating Raquel’s food disrespected Raquel. Raquel liked James’ tweet.

On Monday’s Vanderpump Rules, James met up with Lala and his other friend, Logan Noh, at a restaurant. James told Lala and Logan that he was going to ask his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, to move in with him. Lala and Logan didn’t seem all that excited about the news. Lala then laughingly said that she once ate all of the pasta that Raquel had ordered. When James heard that, he blew up at Lala, warning her that if she messes with Raquel, he’ll go after her own relationship. Even more shocking, James retaliated by yelling that Lala was with her “fat” boyfriend, producer Randall Emmett, only because he pays her rent. When Lala lashed back at James for yelling at her in such a way over some pasta when she has had his back for so long, James repeatedly said that “it’s not about the pasta.” According to James, it was really that Lala’s action was a form of disrespect and clearly showed that she didn’t like Raquel. The scene ended with Lala storming off, questioning her friendship with James.

This isn’t the first time that James Kennedy has crossed the line when speaking about Lala Kent’s boyfriend. Prior to going public with her relationship with Hollywood producer Randall Emmett, Lala kept his identity secret and repeatedly denied people’s claim that he was still married. Yet, as the Inquisitr reported, James earlier last year revealed on Andy Cohen’s talk show Watch What Happens Live that Lala was dating “a big Hollywood producer,” pretty much confirming the rumors. On social media, Lala responded to James’ reveal by telling people to leave her relationship alone.

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