Is Carrie Underwood Pregnant? Fans Speculate Weeks After Face Injury

It has been two months since Carrie Underwood fell on the stairs in front of her home, injuring her wrist and her face. Underwood recently revealed that her wrist has healed nicely but has also said that fans might notice that she looks a little “different” after needing 50 stitches in her face.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Underwood’s face might appear different due to a possible scar left behind by the laceration. Underwood wasn’t clear about how she might look different, which has only caused tons of speculation to surface. Interestingly, a picture of Underwood post-injury has already been posted on the internet — thanks to former Below Deck star Adrienne Gang — and Underwood didn’t look any different in it. This, of course, has left fans wondering if something else is going on. Cue the pregnancy rumors.

Fans have been speculating about a Carrie Underwood pregnancy since November 2017, especially since she hasn’t posted any selfies on social media or made any public appearances. Now, some fans are wondering if Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher, have decided to add to their family (they are already parents to their son, Isaiah, 2). The couple has not said much about wanting to have more kids, but as Isaiah gets older, many wonder if Underwood and Fisher will have some exciting news sometime soon.

“I predicted Carrie Underwood was pregnant with a girl back in October, saw she was just now trending & became massively disappointed that my fortune telling skills are still up in the air,” one fan tweeted earlier this month.

“Do we know if she’s pregnant or [were] those rumors just that… rumors?” wrote another.

Things have been fairly tough for Underwood since her fall, but she seems to be feeling better these past couple of weeks. Her fans are hoping that she feels comfortable enough to return to the spotlight soon — regardless if she is having another baby or not.

With the release of her new track, “The Champion,” there is some chatter that Underwood might make an appearance at the Super Bowl, especially because she has been tagging “SBLII” in all of her posts about the song. It would be such a treat for fans if Underwood was at the big game with a big surprise — by way of a baby bump.

Either way, Underwood’s fans have been sending her endless amounts of love and support and they hope her life returns to normal so she can start posting selfies again.

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