Edgar Martinez Won’t Make The Hall Of Fame This Year

Edgar Martinez is going to come up short in the vote to join the Baseball Hall of Fame this year. Martinez will have to wait on Cooperstown, as it appears the Baseball Writers Association of America isn’t ready to induct him yet. Though a lot of BBWAA voters who made their ballots public early on also showed their support for Martinez, recent voters have been leaving him out in the cold.

An updated report by baseball analyst Ryan Thibodaux states that Edgar Martinez has received 77.1 percent of the votes from the 227 public ballots. That number is down a bit from where it has been for weeks, with Martinez clocking in north of 80 percent. This dip was expected as some of the more secretive voters started revealing their selections for the year, but it is going to come as really bad news to Seattle Mariners fans.

Breaking down the numbers, it is estimated that there will be 424 ballots cast for this election cycle, with 318 votes needed to reach that 75 percent. With roughly 197 ballots left unrevealed, Martinez would need to see his name on at least 140 of them to receive an induction to Cooperstown. If history repeats itself, as all of the MLB analysts are predicting, many players are going to see a drop in percentages from the secret ballots. These are the voters who tend to select fewer than 10 players and who have not made their ballots public in the past.

Leading the way in the BBWAA public vote are Chipper Jones (98.3 percent), Vlad Guerrero (94.8 percent), Jim Thome (93.1 percent), Trevor Hoffman (78.4 percent), and Edgar Martinez (77.1 percent). Other notable names include Mike Mussina (70.1 percent), Barry Bonds (63.6 percent), Roger Clemens (63.6 percent), and Omar Vizquel (32.5 percent). This indicates that at least three more names will join Alan Trammell and Jack Morris, who got elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Edgar Martinez posted better stats than David Ortiz during their respective careers. That wasn’t good enough to convince two Boston Globe voters, though, who left Martinez off their ballots this year. Martinez has also lost three voters who supported him last year and then left him off their ballots this year. While it’s still mathematically possible that Martinez could receive enough support from the remaining voters to make it to Cooperstown this year, Mariners fans should start focusing on next year, which is his final time on the ballot.

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