Trump Reportedly Beats Michelle Obama By Getting ‘Many More Women To Exercise’ Than She Ever Did

When Michelle Obama relinquished the caretaking of her White House vegetable garden to Melania Trump the comparisons between Michelle and Melania’s level of enthusiasm for gardening bubbled up. Today, a comparison is being made between Michelle Obama and Donald Trump when it comes to sparking the enthusiasm in women to get them to exercise.

According to the unofficial stats from Jimmy Kimmel, Trump has surpassed Michelle Obama by quite a bit, getting more women to exercise than Michelle Obama’s health campaign ever did. When Jimmy Kimmel says Donald Trump has prompted more women to exercise “than Michelle Obama ever did,” he was referring to the women who took to the streets marching together in the anti-Trump marches.

It didn’t seem as if Trump got the idea behind these marches, evident by the tweet he posted about them. Trump seemed to believe the marches, which just happened to coincide with his first year anniversary, were in celebration of his “success” during that year.

Kimmel explained how millions of women exercised on the account of Trump, but again he was referring to them marching in protest against the president. Kimmel was quite impressed by Trump’s tweet referring to the women’s march and Kimmel referenced this on his show. Trump’s tweet is seen below.

Once Trump posted that tweet, people were quick to jump on Twitter to say “it’s an anti-Trump march.” Kimmel had a field day with Trump’s tweet as well saying, “Boy, he’s really bad at reading women. Only Donald Trump could make a protest about him even more about him.”

According to The Hill, Kimmel mocked Trump’s reaction to these marches because Trump thought they were tied into his first year in office celebration. He suggested that the women were out marching to celebrate the economic gains seen in his first year in the White House. Kimmel did call Trump’s tweet, “perhaps the most breathtaking tweet of all time.”

Along with suggesting how Trump prompted the millions of woman to exercise with these marches, he said that “even First Lady Melania Trump, who he said was “captured” by the Secret Service and “returned her to her shoe closet,” according to Mediate.

Kimmel also showed some of his favorite posters that came out of this march, many referring to Trump. The ones including Trump read, “Miss Ogyny,” “Veto the Cheeto,” “Does This Ass Make My Country Look Small?” as well as “I’d Call Trump a Cl*t But He Lacks Depth and Warmth,” and “Super Callous Fragile Racist Sexist Nazi POTUS.”

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