Joey Logano Featured In New Discovery Series ‘Twin Turbos’ Along With Doug And Brad DeBerti

To get back on track after his accident, 23-year-old Brad DeBerti seeks to fulfill his dream of returning to NASCAR, and he will have a lot of help in achieving that goal. Besides having the support of his family, popular NASCAR driver Joey Logano will serve as a mentor to Brad, offering guidance and advice along the way.

After Doug moved to California from Montana, he opened Trenz, a shop specializing in billet grills and wheels. Aeromotive Inc. shared that developing close business relationships with Ford, GM, and Dodge by building prototypes gave him the opportunity to work on several truck builds. As the DeBerti name and business continued to grow, Brad became a major custom build designer in his own right, winning several awards.

Together, father and son continue to create some of the most innovative and unique vehicles around, including a drift racing truck. The custom cars and trucks designed by the DeBerti’s allowed them to fund Brad’s dreams before, and they will need to continue building and designing in order to fund his latest venture.

Brad shifted focus somewhat when he decided to enter a Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series (LOORS) competition, and that was all it took for him to believe he could become a winning Pro-Lite racer. He was correct in his assumption, and when he was 21, he led the entire LOORS Pro-Lite National Series, staying in the top five all year with four first-place finishes to top it off. Automobile Magazine shared that he was the 2015 Pro-Light Rookie of the Year and won the 2016 Lucas Oil Off Road-Pro-Light championship.

Through it all, Doug was there for his son, serving as spotter and coach until Brad flipped his truck seven times. Brad ended up in the hospital with debilitating injuries and faced a long road to recovery. Now, he’s ready to give it another try, and as before, the DeBertis will continue to design and build some of the most impressive and creative custom cars and trucks in order to fund Brad’s dream of making a winning comeback.

Although Brad will have a lot of support, in the end, it will all hinge on how determined he is to make his dream a reality. Twin Turbos premieres on Wednesday, February 28 at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery Channel.

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